Welcome CHANGE Maker

Your soul came here for something bigger than what most people settle for.
Your message is someone’s key to liberation.
Are you ready to have the support you need to make your vision and impact a reality?

now is the time
to connect to your truth and share your magic with the world

you are the one you’ve been waiting for!


My name is Lauren Elizabeth, and I am The Mindset Witch.

I am a Soulful Empowerment Guide, an Intuitive Mindset Coach and a Plant Medicine Educator.

I work with Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Change Makers, Healers and Artists who are on a mission to make a massive impact with their magic and their message.

With powerful healing plants and over a decade of philosophy, religion, and spiritual studies as my guides, I have cultivated a practice that provides the foundation to facilitate deep transformational experience with my clients.

My work is positioned at the intersection of Personal Development, Collective Liberation, and Magic, and I am here to support you in using your soul’s gifts to make an impact in the world.

I don’t do surface level. I go deep to help you excavate who you are becoming and the magic that is alive within you.

I hold space for you to remember the massive impact that you are here to make, and I guide you in crafting a plan that will allow your message to be expressed.


Because I know that you are the only one who can bring what you have to the table, and in today’s world, we all need to be sharing the medicine we have within.

You might be a good fit to work with me if you have a BIG vision for the impact that you are here to make, and you are ready to invest in yourself to bring that vision to fruition. I only work with folks who are committed to their mission and are ready to show up, whatever it takes.

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You are the catalyst for MAssive change
in this world

and you don’t have to tackle it all on your own

Ready to take your life, your message and your mission to the next level?
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