Mindset Time Machine


I'm sitting in my apartment this afternoon, thinking about my partner and I's trip to India next year. 

We went in 2014 and it changed our lives. 

And after we get married in 2019 we're off, but this time we're buying one way tickets, bringing our laptops with us, and making our dreams come true from one of the most wild places we've ever been. 

Why? Well I love India.. but that's a story for another post. 

Today I want to share this tool I use for manifesting my dreams, healing emotional wounds, and letting my creativity flow. 

I call it The Mindset Time Machine, and it's this idea that our mind can take us to any place in time or space that it can conceive of, while our body must remain in the here and now. 

How is this useful, and what does it have to do with my trip to India next year?

Well, being able to use my Mind as a time machine allows me to transport myself, though my thoughts, sensory memory, and feelings to a place that my body yearns to return to.  

I can close my eyes, and in an instant, I am transported to the Beaches of Goa, in another instant, I'm eating spicy curry on a rooftop in Jodhpur. 


And as I set here, allowing my mind to wander off to India, my body feels excitement and preparedness for all the divine work that will take place between now and that moment when we take our lives and businesses on the road. 

And that's a good thing, because I have a lot of plans (and planning) to do between now and then, and I want my body to be as on-board as my mind.

Our Minds are one of our most magical tools, and we can use them to call in the energy that we are manifesting, but we must be certain to also ground into our physical bodies. We must remember that they are the vehicle that allows us to navigate the physical world, and too much time spent in the minds leaves the body behind. 

And I didn't intend to rhythm there, but I did. 

Bottom line there is, our Minds are powerful tools, but the impact is greatest when we are also grounded in our bodies. 


So I invite you this weekend to play around to using your mind as a time machine to call in what you want. Maybe it's a sale on pine nuts at the grocery store, or a big check in the mail, whatever it is, allow your mind to transport you to the place and feeling of success and joy, before you allow your body to make the moves. 

Then give your body permission to stay in that magical feeling in the here and now. 

Let me know it this plays out, and what magic you are able to make with your creative Mindset Time Machine Powers! 

Happy Friday! 


Lauren Elizabeth 

Perceiving your Mess as your Medicine-Shifting into Possibility

What if I told you that your ability to see and perceive the world, including your problems and your blockages, was intimately linked to what your brain thought was the agreed upon truth by the majority of your peers?

What if I said that your reality is limited by the stories and beliefs that other people have told you your whole life?

What would you say to that?

I feel that some people would agree, while others might just think I am crazy.

But we know for a fact, that the brain is basing its perceptions on what it believes will happen, or rather.. your brain is guessing about the most likely possibility. (Want more info on this? Check out the TedTalk linked at the bottom of this post)


Today, I want to discuss how mindset, belief systems and the stories we allow ourselves to believe, contribute to many of the limitations we experience in this life. And how, just blindly following other’s belief’s, can be dangerous and lead us away from out truth.

First, let’s talk about Mindset.

I define Mindset as the state in which our mind operates. The dictionary says that a Mindset is a set of ‘established attitudes or beliefs held by a specific person.’

With this working definition, I would like to move forward and focus on what areas of our lives are contributing to our individual and collective mindsets.

Factors Contributing to Mindset:
-Upbringing and Ancestry
-Mental tape/narrative
-Work environments
-Race/Economic Status
-Access to Support

And the list goes on and on..

As you can see.. Your Mindset is a complicated concerto of your human experience, both internal and external, and much of it seems to be pretty hard to control, especially because as humans we don’t generally confirm the notion that we consciously choose the life we are living.

But what if we DID choose this life?

What if our Soul’s made the VERY conscious decision to choose this life, this struggle, and this discomfort?

Then What?


Well then it become clear that this mess.. all of the struggle that I have been through is just the experience I needed in order to share the medicine that lives within me.

If I shift my beliefs about the hardships in my life, to see them as opportunities for growth, increased awareness of the world, and experience that can now help others, then I have shifted from feeling like the victim, to feeling the possibilities.

Beliefs are largely responsible for the information that the Brain is using to make it’s predictions. If our beliefs about the world tell us that we are a victim, then our brain will continue to process that information.

If we can change our beliefs about the way the world is, we increase our capacity for what we can perceive. When we are capable of perceiving more of the world, we are able to see what once felt like a failure, as an opportunity. We can tune into our mess and make it our message, the medicine that we have for the world.

B&W - Steps.png

I know this is a bold proclamation..

That we choose our most difficult experiences so that we can learn and then teach and share and be a solution for others, because we’ve been there..

But it’s proven to be true for me and my clients time and time again.

And this wisdom puts the decision back in our hands. We can chose to see this mess as our message and the medicine that we have for the world.

I make the all of the above statements with caution.

While our mindsets are one of our most powerful tools, sometimes circumstances are so out of balance, that shifting the mindset alone isn’t enough, and the entire system has to change.

And this is where Aligned Action and Collective Community come into the picture, as vehicles for making ripples and shifts in the paradigm.

Part of what I want to do in my work with Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Healers and Change Makers is support them in creating a world that is better FOR ALL OF US.

As my Teacher and friend, Kelly Berhend says “Personal Healing for Collective Liberation”.

When we do the work for ourselves, with the intention to also make the world better, things begin to shift. And when we turn those intentions into aligned action for the collective the shift turns into a wave of transformation.

Let’s make this shift together!


The Mindset Witch

Moving towards More Magic!


✨What does it feel like to believe in your own limitlessness?

✨How does it feel to fully trust your intuitive powers to guide you?

✨What if the next level of your magic is just behind the next corner?

These are the questions that I kept waking up to. in the middle of the night.

I could barely remember the words at first, after a few nights of the same thing, I realized, it was one of my guides calling me to take a BIG leap.

🔮So I did it. 🔮

I invested in a Biz & Mindset Coach (Shout out Nannette) and spent most of summer focused refining what my message, offerings and platform would be moving forward.

And almost without knowing it I was preparing for some major shifts in my life and in my biz.

Now I know that who I want to help, and I am confident that I have to tools and space holding capacity to help them. And now I get to do more work with the Brand Witch herself Enid Nolasco

So there will be some big changes coming to my Website/Blog/Biz and you bet your magical booty that it will be fully aligned with my Soul’s Purpose and the needs of my fellow magic makers.

Keep an eye out for more Blog Posts.. More Empowerment Rituals.. More Inspiring content, and of course.. Prepare to engage with a more magical version of your mindset.

I’m here to help you take the LEAP!

The Mindset Witch