Healing The Witch Wound


Do you ever wonder why you feel scared to share your spiritual and psychic gifts with the people in your life?

Do you often struggle with speaking your truth?

Do you find yourself playing small, and avoiding BIG opportunities because you’re afraid of what might happen if you receive attention?

You are not alone.

I used to wrestle with these same fears (and some days I still do.)

I had a fear of singing in public. I was afraid to tell people I was skilled in oracle reading and energy work.  I even hesitated to speak up in classes...even when I knew the answer to the teacher’s question.

I feared what would happen if someone didn’t like the way I expressed myself, and I noticed people around me felt the same way.

Back in 2016, I stepped into the coaching world, and started helping womxn connect with their feminine energy so they could access their intuition with more ease.

After many client sessions, I noticed they kept coming up against the same blockages.

Fear of taking action.

Fear of being open to the unknown.

Fear of speaking their truth.

And it got me thinking, what was impacting so many of us in the same way?   I began researching, and what I discovered was the Witch Wound.

Now, most of my client’s didn’t identify as witches at the time. Most of them felt called to the healing arts, or were starting businesses that deeply aligned with their soul’s calling, but many seemed to be experiencing the same patterns of fear and self-limiting behaviors.

I started exploring the Witch Wound, and how it impacted my clients and their ability to show up in the world.

And this is what I found...

The Witch Wound is an embodied trauma state, caused by fears and beliefs that have been passed down through generations, which prevent people from speaking their truth and sharing their unique medicine.

These fears and beliefs are directly connected to the ancestral experiences and collective memories of the Witch Hunts. These weren’t small, isolated events. The trauma was experienced by folks all over the world. Witch Hunts didn’t’ just happen in Europe, the United States, but also in the Middle East, across Asia and down into the Indian Subcontinent.

And we are still be affected by them today.

You might be thinking, “Wait what?!

Healers and business owners TODAY are being affected by the trauma experienced by their great, great, great, great Grandmothers?

How is that possible?

Well it turns out that it’s not only possible, but it’s also real...and it’s happening to all of us.  In some way shape or form, all of us have a connection to the Witch Wound.

We have all been conditioned by society to fear being persecuted as a witch.

We have been conditioned to hide our gifts, in order to fit with the status quo.

And all this playing small, is preventing us from creating change.

So you see, healing your own Witch Wound doesn’t just benefit you. It benefits everyone in your community, and anyone who needs to hear your unique message.

Healing the Witch Wound is an important step in the movement towards collective liberation, because it frees your voice, and gives you the confidence to reclaim your sovereignty.

If you want to feel more expressed, more confident, and less fear…

...it’s time that you started healing your Witch Wound.

So how do you heal from an energetic wound that has been passed down for generations?

Well, like all healing, it’s a process.  

It starts by admitting that you have been hiding pieces of yourself in order to feel safe or to fit in. (And it’s just as important to remember that being well adjusted to a toxic ass system is not a good thing)

You have to look at how your life - and the lives of others - could be radically shifted if you were willing to speak up.

With that said, I invite you to think of a time when you had something to say...something that you knew was valuable...but you kept your mouth shut because you were too afraid to voice your opinion.

How could things have been different if you had pushed through that fear?

This is the question you need to ask when you find yourself shrinking away from a situation that you know you can contribute to.

This is the question you must ask when you are feeling scared to talk about your unique gifts.

It is only the first step, but it will be a huge shift towards healing this wound.

If you are feeling called to dive deep into this healing work, I would be honored to hold space for you in one of my coaching containers. I offer 3 and 6 month coaching packages that are built around healing ceremonies, and biz/life strategy. Reach out to see BIG shifts in they way you feel empowered to express yourself!


Lauren Elizabeth


Elemental Rituals


Let's talk about ritual.

If you are familiar with my work, you know how I feel about taking time to create sacred moments in life.

We are all here on a soul mission. And if we are going to be able to walk the path our soul desires, we must continuously refuel our bodies and cleanse our minds.

One powerful way to do this is to create - and participate in - your own rituals.

People often ask me.. "How do I create a ritual?"

And my response is always the same..."You are already doing it!"

Every day when you wake up, make tea, and hop in the shower, you are moving through your own unique rituals.

Rituals don't have to be elaborate or fancy to be absolutely magical. What really matters is the intention.

A friend once told me that a Ritual is just a habit made holy, and that idea always stuck with me.

So today, I want to share with a few tips that you can use to bring a bit of elemental magic into your daily rituals.

First, let’s talk about why bringing the elements into your rituals is so powerful.

Throughout history, Elemental Magic and Medicine has been woven into all cultures, spanning the entire globe.

No matter where you look, the indigenous people of that land have reverence for Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit, even if they have different names for them. These elements are the most accessible way to infuse your rituals with more potency, without appropriating from cultures that are not your own.

Crafting rituals and creating sacred space is your birthright, and I want to offer some guidance for you in bringing your authentic rituals to life.

So here are some simple ways for you to bring the magic of the elements into your own ritual practice.


  • Take your rituals outside. Spend sacred time with the trees, flowers, and foliage to express gratitude for all they give.

  • Bring soil and “bits of the wild” inside. Placing a fallen branch on your altar, or collecting a river stone is a powerful way to connect with nature within the walls of your own home.

  • Remember that you are of the Earth. You body is made of the exact same materials that the trees, soil, and plants are. By honoring yourself, you are honoring the Earth.


  • Take a Ritual Bath. Soaking in a tub gives you the space to clear your mind while deeply cleansing your body.

  • Commune with natural bodies of water. Find a sacred space by a river, lake, stream or waterfall, and spend a little time there listening to what messages the water has to offer.

  • Charge water during the New and Full Moons. You can place jars of water out during certain lunar phases to infuse that water with the energy of the moon. After the infusion is complete, use that water in your ritual and for sipping.


  • Light a candle just for yourself. Candle magic is powerful, and taking some time to connect with a candle flame can bring you into a whole new state of calm and awareness.

  • Build a fire, and watch it burn. One of the most ancient traditions we can honor is fire tending. Our ancestors spent many nights watching the flames, sharing stories, and integrating wisdom.

  • Cook your food over an open flame, and reconnect with your inner kitchen witch. The practice of cooking with fire is another ancient tradition, that will connect you with your ancestors and infuse your food with the medicine that fire carries with it.


  • Take deep, slow breaths. Notice how your mindset shifts when you alter your breath cycle.

  • Go to a mountain top or a high place where you can feel the wind, and simply listen. Wind carries wisdom from around the world, and there are potent messages to be received.

  • Play with smoke. Burn incense or some other plant material, and watch how the smoke moves and dances.


  • Take a moment to call in your well ancestors. Your ancestral lineage is the closest connection you have to the spirit world. Holding space for them will help you integrate messages from beyond this realm.

  • Create space to make room for source. Pause, be still and silent. Allow Spirit to share it's magic with you by creating space for it to express itself.

This is an invitation to play with your personal rituals, and to explore how you can transform the sacred moments in your life with just a little bit of elemental magic.


Lauren Elizabeth

If you want even more Elemental Rituals in your life, Registration is currently open through June 11, 2019 for the Elemental Medicine and Ritual course! This 7 week group course will support you in cultivating a deeper relationship with Ceremony, Personal Healing, and your part in the movement for Collective Liberation! Click here for all the info on the course!


Stop shaming people for being Human [Addressing Toxic Law of Attraction Bullshit]


The Law of Attraction is TOXIC AS FUCK..

Now before all you LOA folks freak out...

I am not asserting that our attitude and our energy don't impact the way we show up in the world, or that it is a waste of time to look for the silver lining.

I do believe that there is always something that can be learned from a situation, and that our attitude affects how we experience this life.


When I see Coaches, Teachers, and Healers perpetuating this idea that we ONLY ATTRACT WHAT WE ARE A "VIBRATIONAL MATCH FOR" I get pissed.

I see it all the time.

❌Coaches telling people that they need to "Stay HIGH Vibe" in the face of extreme hardship and systematic oppression.

❌Mentors instructing their clients to "remove" so-called negative emotions from their energy field.

❌Teachers suggesting that their students somehow "attracted" their illness, their financial struggles, or their pain.


Humans are FULL SPECTRUM beings. It is our purpose to experience all of the emotions, and to learn how to sit with those emotions.

If you are feeling sad, or depressed it's okay. You are allowed to feel those feelings.

ALL OF YOUR EMOTIONS HAVE MESSAGES FOR YOU - And avoiding half of them, because they are "low vibe" is avoiding half of what makes you a human.

Shadow work is healing. 
Depression is valid. 
Fear is essential.

Denying these parts of ourselves is just further driving those emotions into our body, which causes harm.

Facing our emotions, holding the complexity of it all, showing up for ourselves, allows us to be who we truly are.

Even if it's messy, painful or uncomfortable for the people around you - It's worth it to feel it, explore it, express it and then release it when you are ready.

Don't let ANYONE shame you for being a whole human.

Lauren Elizabeth

Rise up CHANGEMAKER - It’s time to share your magic


The cosmos is alive with change today, my dear.

We are moving into a New Moon in Pisces, Mercury (also in Pisces) stationed retrograde yesterday, and Uranus shifts into Taurus today, after 7 years in Aries.

All of this cosmic activity is calling us to step up and hold space for the changes that we have been craving to see in our communities. The time has come for us to be the ushers as we create space for the new paradigm to take hold.

Peace Warrior and Liberation Leader, Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see..”

Now is the time to be that change.

The Piscean Energy that is floating around us this week is bringing up deep emotions.

Fear, Doubt, Judgment, and Anxiousness have all been lingering. If you have been feeling it, you are not alone. These feelings are being echoed by others across the collective.

You have been moving through the depths of the cosmic ocean, and now the New Moon calls you to rise to the surface, bringing with you everything you have discovered on your adventures in the shadows.

As you come up for air, you might discover that life on the surface is not as it used to be. The time spent in the mystical darkness has changed your perspective. You will see that the world feels ripe for revolution.

The collective is open to receive the magic that has been brewing within you.

You have been immersed in your own healing, and while the healing journey will continue, it’s time to step up as the change maker.

I invite you to take some time to ask yourself a few questions as you rise.

  • What changes need to unfold for you to step confidently into this new role?

  • How can you nurture body, mind and your soul as you do this work?

  • What are the big lessons that you feel called to share with your community during this time?

As you settle into this new Lunar Cycle, and prepare for Spring (here in the Northern Hemisphere), give yourself full permission to rise.

Rise as the healer and change maker that you are, because the world is waiting for your magic.

Your time has arrived.

Lauren Elizabeth

You don’t have to face this new chapter on your own.

I have two spaces open for on-going Soulful Empowerment Coaching, to support you as you embody the changemaker you were born to be. Click here and shoot me a message so we chat about a FREE 30 minute Catalyst Session. Let’s make some magic together!


Receiving Earth Magic


Hello and Happy Sunday!

I hope you are feeling the shifting energies, as we prepare to move into another Moon Cycle and out of a Cosmic pattern that we have been in since November. There are no planets in retrograde, Spring feels like it is just around the corner, and the New Moon on the Horizon. We are prepped for forward motion!

But before we move into "Full Steam Ahead!" mode, it is important to check in with your roots, and the foundation that you have built for yourself over winter.

While she is still frozen in some places, The Earth is beginning to wake up from the long cold winter. 

How will you greet her?

Perhaps with an offering of flowers, or maybe a bit of your herbal tea, poured intentionally into the soil. However you choose to express it, it's time to show the Earth gratitude for all the she provides for you.

When you take the time to honor Earth Energy, you activate a healing process within your body. The Earth shows you how to nurture yourself, your people, and how to have reverence for the ancestors. She moves through her cycles to remind us that we too have cycles. Her wisdom runs as deep as the roots of the tallest trees. And she is ready to share what she knows with you. 

Are you ready to receive her power?

If so, here is a little ritual for you to engage with the Earth as she begins to wake up from her slumber. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere and it's still the warmer seasons, you can use this same ritual to give thanks for the bounty that is all around you.

Welcoming the Earth Ritual

1. Make yourself a cup of warm, herbal tea. 
2. If you are able, bundle up and go outside to your favorite nature spot (If you can't get outside, you can perform this ritual with a house plant)
3. Find place where you can see or even touch the soil. 
4. Allow your inhales to create space within your chest. 
5. Fill that space with gratitude for the Earth and all the she provides. 
6. Set an intention to receive any messages or wisdom that she has to share.
7. When you are ready, pour some of your warm herbal tea onto the soil as an offering, and as a symbol of warmth to come. 
8. Once again, take a moment to honor the Earth for all that she provides.
9. Spend some time journaling or reflecting on any messages that come to you. 

This simple ritual is a powerful way to connect with your Gratitude for the Earth and for all the material comforts that you have in this world. When you honor the Earth, you are simultaneously honoring the ancestors and the indigenous folks who lived here before you.

I hope that this simple practice opens you up to the Elemental magic that Earth has to offer, even in the cold winter months.


Lauren Elizabeth

And if you aren't already a member of my FREE Facebook group The Magical Mindset Collectiveclick here to join and get in on the weekly Ritual Guidance, Immersive Mindset Trainings, and a ton of community support. 


Top 5 Essential Oils for a Magical Mindset


Okay so this post is about my favorite Essential oils for mindset work.. But I want to give you a little bit of back story about my journey with discovering the magic of these oils.

I’ve been dealing with migraines for years, and they always pop up when I’m trying to make a big leaps in growth, or when I need to be at the top of my game...Convenient.

A few years ago a friend told me that peppermint oil was helpful, and I snagged a bottle at a local store and began treating the migraines. And it worked. Like really fast.  I felt so relieved to finally have a tool in my cupboard that could support me when my headaches flared up.

Then, about a year ago when my wisdom teeth were causing some problems, I read on a blog that Clove oil is great for helping tooth pain and I was grateful (once again) to find that it dissolved my discomfort.  

Towards the end of 2018 I began working with oils on a much deeper level.  I was feeling the need to start making my own personal and home care products, and I wanted them to be effective and more sustainable than the toxic junk that’s on most supermarket shelves.  

So rather than just turning to them in emergency situations, I created a daily practice with the highest quality oils I could find and here's what I discovered.

I felt more calm doing tasks that normally elevate my stress. I’ve been more present in my body, and aware of it’s needs since beginning daily work with essential oils. I felt incredibly tapped into my intuition. And I found it easier focus for longer periods of time.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, winters are quite gloomy and grey, and Seasonal Affective Disorder is rampant.  Having high quality Essential Oils on my team has been vital in keeping my body and spirit feeling good even when its grey and wet outside...for months.

If I’m feeling a little down, I can brighten my day with some uplifting citrus oil.. Or if I need even more pep in my step, I can mix up a potion that supports higher energy levels like Peppermint and Siberian Fir.

My oils have been KEY in helping me move through some dark times in my business and with my personal health.

If you love having a tool kit to help you through the tough times.. I think this this post will peak your curiosity… Because in a moment I am going to share with you my TOP 5 oils for shifting into a more Magical Mindset. But first...

You might be wondering.. What is a magical mindset?

It is a state of operation that allows one to see, feel and act from a place of limitlessness. It’s a perspective that allows us to see there is more to the world than what we have been conditioned to believe by society, and the system that wants to keep us indentured.

As a mentor and consultant for entrepreneurs, healer and change makers, I have found that cultivating a Magical Mindset is the most powerful way to overcome blockages, move past fears, and dismantle systems of that don’t serve one’s Soul Mission.

Shifting into that space of limitlessness, and trusting my own magic is what allowed me to believe that I could be a successful mentor and guide, it’s what helped me leave my day job, and it’s what helped me tap into a more embodied experience.

And ever since I committed working with Essential oils and other plant allies daily, I have found that it is easier for me to stay in that magical state of mind.

So today I am going to share with you the TOP 5 Essential Oils that I use to shift me into (and keep me in) a magical mindset, so I can continue to support my clients and other folks who are ready to feel spiritually empowered and aligned with their path and purpose, because I want you to feel empowered too!

No. 1 - Rosemary

This essential oil is one of my very favorites because its herbaceous uplifting scent helps clear brain fog and balance the mood. If you feel like you’ve been yo-yo-ing between Happy and Sad, Motivated and Unfocused… Rosemary will bring you back into a state of clarity with ease.

Rosemary also supports healthy digestion of nutrients and overall organ function.

Application - Dilute in Carrier Oil and roll on tummy, spine, palms, and behind ears.

No. 2 - Grapefruit


When I am feeling heavy, or when I’m stuck in a funk, Grapefruit is THE oil I turn to, in order to raise my spirits. I can’t help but feel fresh and invigorated when after I take it. Remember when I mentioned the grey Pacific Northwest? Grapefruit Oil is my little bottle of sunshine.

Grapefruit oil helps support healthy metabolism, clear skin, and can help purify your entire system.

Application - Add a drop or two to a diffuser. Dilute in Carrier oil and rub on chest and temples.

No 3. - Pink Pepper


If I feel like I am moving slow, and I need something to give me a jumpstart, Pink Pepper is my oil of choice. Bright, Fruity, Floral, and Spicy - It is exactly what the Witch Doctor ordered. It soothes and energizes, while helping me stabilize my mood.

Pink Pepper oil has also been shown to support healthy immune metabolism function.

Application - Dilute in carrier & apply to wrists, feet & back of the neck. Pairs beautifully with Rosemary.

No. 4 - Turmeric

Heard of the Pineal Gland? It’s this tiny pinecone shaped nugget in your brain that allows you to connect to the higher realms. It’s where intuition forms in the mind and where inspiration strikes. And Turmeric oil does a wonderful job decalcifying the gland and activating your higher mind, and opening you up to divine messages from the spirit realm (Sounds woo woo.. But it’s real.)

I’ve been using the turmeric oil daily to support healthy function of my brain, and to keep my skin healthy.

Turmeric Oil is anti-inflammatory and supports healthy skin and brain function

Application - Dilute in carrier oil and apply to forehead, back of neck and spine.

No. 5 - Frankincense


The King of Oils. Frankincense has amazing properties, the most magical being its ability to clear up the mental channels so you can receive with wisdom that is trying to come through from the mystical realms.

I use it in meditation, creative practices and when I do channeling work for clients. I am so incredibly grateful for this magical oil.

Frankincense also supports healthy cell function, and clear skin. Reduces inflammation.

Application - Dilute in carrier oil and apply to third eye, spine, bottoms of the feet and palms.

These 5 oils have changed my life, and working with them has brought my clients the clarity and motivation they need to take BIG leaps towards their goals.

If you are ready to uplevel your mindset and tap into more magic in your life, click here to book a free Mindset Essentials Session with me and we can talk about how using oils can make a massive impact in your energy, your vitality and your spiritual path.


3 Tips for Decompressing after the Holidays


Hello Friend!

I hope you are well after the madness that is the December Holidays.

We managed to lay low in our home this year, but in the past, it's taken me weeks to decompress from the festivities.

And I thought it would be kind to share some of my recalibration tips with you, so you can get recentered before the New Year begins!

Tip # 1 - Take your space

The Holidays are so busy and everywhere you go, its packed. So as the holidays wind down, take some time and space for yourself. Go to the woods, take a walk after dark, allow yourself to reflect in the quiet of solitude, even if just for a few minutes. Being alone after so much stimulation is a great way to come back to your own true center. 

Tip # 2 - Declutter your environment

This time of year is often associated with collecting and gathering of objects, leftovers, and anything else that can be stockpiled.. Give yourself permission to let it go. If it's not serving you and the dreams that you have for the future, drop it, donate it, give it away! You don't need to hold on the the clutter that is making you feel a little crazy.

Tip # 3 - Treat Yourself

After weeks of being focused on giving to others, it's time for you to focus on yourself. Take yourself on a date, book a massage, or sign up for the freshly released Moon Cycle Medicine Series starting January 6th <3 Because you are worth it, and you know you deserve a little something.. <3

I hope that these tips help you destress and decompress after the holiday excitement!

Lauren Elizabeth 


Plant Magic for a Winter Mindset


Here in the PNW, we are moving swiftly into winter.

The days are short, the air is cold, and the motivation to explore the great outdoors is diminishing.

As we prepare to cozy up for the season, I wanted to talk about the plant friends that I commune with, in order to make the most of the magical winter months.

Now I know that Winter doesn’t normally conjure up images of abundant plant magic - that feeling seems better suited for Springtime when the flowers are bursting and everything is growing like mad.

But there are Witchy secrets to keeping the magic alive during the Winter, and I am going to share mine with you!

Cannabis Rituals-

Lucky for this Witch, Cannabis is legal in the state of Oregon, and I am able to access high quality plant year-round. During the Winter months, I use Cannabis to soothe achy muscles and bones. I also use it to sink into meditative states that allow me to receive deep wisdom from the spirit realm. During the winter, when the veil is thin, my cannabis rituals seem to support a strong connection to my higher self, and the guides who support me on my journey.

Using Cannabis during the winter can also lift the mood, if you are prone to seasonal depression.

Cacao Ceremony-

If there was a perfect medicine for a cold winter night, It would be a cup of Cacao, spiced with Cinnamon, Cayenne and Cardamom. I feel so grateful to have found Cacao as a super food back in 2012, AND I am even more grateful to have rediscovered its power to heal the the heart of the collective last winter.

Winter can bring up a lot of emotions, it calls us to our shadow, and asks us to dig, even though the ground is frozen hard. Cacao makes that journey more manageable, and dare I even say magical. (Click here to purchase the HIGHEST quality Cacao and use code ‘themindsetwitch’ at check out to get 5% off your first order)

Mindset Potions-

This year I started crafting my own plant magic tools, using the highest grade essential oils and organic fractionated coconut oil. These little topical rollers have been SAVING my booty when it comes to staying clear and calm, even when they skies are grey and stormy.

I choose comforting and warming oils that will soothe my body and ground my nerves when the chill of winter is making me shake in my boots.

My favorite winter blend that I make is called “Grounded Energy” - it contains Frankincense, Grapefruit and Clove. Thee scent reminds me of Spiced Apple Cider, and it lifts me up and centers my energy so I can go about my winter day FULL of MAGIC!

And if all of this goodness still doesn’t have you in a proper Winter State of Mind-

Then I suggest building yourself a fire, turning off the wifi, and snuggling up with a good read for the day - Give yourself Permission to SLOW DOWN.

If you are looking for personalized guidance on crafting your own Winter Rituals, you can click here to set up a 30 minute Clarity Session with me to see how I can support you in that journey.


Benefits of Being my own Boss Witch



And giving up the comfort of my day job was even scarier

But today I am not sharing about the fears I overcame, or the growing pains I’ve experienced since leaving the security of a J-O-B.

Today I am talking about ALL THE MAGICAL BENEFITS of being your own boss. And how it has helped me to become an even better witch.

benefit No. 1
My Spiritual Practice is now a part of the work I do every day

The BEST thing about being my own boss has been the amount of freedom I have to bring my spiritual practice into my work…

Like I can start my work day by sharing my morning ritual with my audience and finish the day by connecting with a client on the power of the lunar cycle.

I feel deeply in alignment, and I feel like I am giving other people permission to express their spiritual practices with their communities as well.

benefit no. 2
no pants required on work days

As an online entrepreneur, I spend most of my time working, at my computer and since I have a home office, I have no requirement to put pants on. I can wear whatever I want to without offending anyone, or getting arrested for public nudity.

It’s also quite nice to be able to complete a full day’s work from the couch if I want/need to.

benefit no. 3
I get paid to hold transformational space for magical folks

Helping people remember their gifts and use them to make an impact in the world lights me up like nothing else.

When my clients invest in working with me, they are also investing in a potent container that will foster deep and lasting mindset transformations.

Our world needs more inspired people who are connected to their magic, and I see it as a part of my work to make that a reality for all of us!

benefit no. 4
I get to create heart centered content everyday

Content creation is a HUGE reason why I got into the online biz space. I like generating valuable content for people’s social media feed. We’re all spending more and more time on the internet and on social media platforms.. there might as well be some really stimulating content available.

Writing Rituals, Sharing Mindset Trainings, Talking about Self Care… These are a part of my weekly tasks.. and I am not complaining.

benefit no 5.
cat cuddles while connecting with clients who live on the other side of the world

Now if that is not magic.. I’m not sure what is..

And each morning I give thanks for my ability to do all of this—

To work from home, across from my Beloved as he works his magic.

To Inspire and impact magic makers all over the world to show up more authentically and more vulnerably.

To have time for my morning ritual Every. Single. Day.

To have the freedom to work from anywhere that has a wifi signal.

To be accepted by the people who matter for being exactly who I am..

These are the blessings of being my own Boss Witch.

if you are ready to make some big magic and become your own boss.. but you are looking for support and guidance..

Click here and book a Free 1:1 Clarity Session with me to discover how your gifts can help you create the life that is in deep alignment with your passions and your purpose.


We Are Here.


WE ARE HERE!✨ 🌍 ✨🌎 ✨🌏✨

Our Souls incarnated in this 3D world for a reason. We are here to learn, grow, and discover what it means to CHOOSE our divine path.

Obsessing over being 5D and "High Vibe" is NOT the the answer to individual or collective liberation.

We were born in an imperfect world, and I use "imperfect" as an EXTREME euphemism for "FUCKED UP"

🔮And as beings on the path to ascension, it is our not responsibility to bring Earth up to Heaven, but rather to anchor the Divine right here on Gaia's soil. 🌳

THIS IS YOUR OFFICIAL PERMISSION to be honest with yourself.

You know that there is a BIG WORLD out there that needs your help, your medicine.

💫If you are fixated on the 5D, PLEASE remember there is work to do HERE, in this physical world.

💫Your 5D Connection is already REAL.. and 100% NEEDED to heal the wounds that are alive in the 3D.

💫Those of us who walk between the worlds are the ones who will midwife the collective through the shifting paradigm.

Let's work together to ANCHOR your magical 5D message into a real world 3D mission to make this world better for ALL of us.

Specials on 1:1 work with #TheMindsetWitch through 11/30 - Message me to talk about how we can turn your Magic into Impact! 🔮


Homemade Ceremonial Cacao Chocolate


Cacao is a sacred tree originating from the Amazonian jungle. Cacao has a rich tradition of ceremonial use all of Central and South America.

I have been working with Cacao as a sacred plant medicine for about two years now, and the deeper I go with her the more I realize the potential she holds for healing the greater collective.

Magic brought me together with a teacher named Sena Maria and she guided me in crafting a sacred relationship with the Cacao Spirit.

Sena also connected me with Firefly Chocolate, an amazing source of high quality, ethically produced cacao from small sustainable farms in Tanzania, Ecuador, Belize and Guatemala.

My world changed when I started working with Firefly’s Cacao.

It was another level of intentional, I could literally smell the magic coming from my cup.

Again, and again with the Firefly Cacao, I experienced deeper levels of myself, and I am eternally grateful for the magic they are producing.

One of the biggest lessons that has come through my work with Cacao and other Plant teachers is the you must Respect the Energy.

because sometimes a little can go a long way..

So rather than always making a tiny cup, or worrying about not drinking the whole thing.. I started playing around with making my own Chocolate bites/bark so I can take small doses throughout the day while I am working with the plant energy.

Why not just snack on the perfect Firefly Cacao disks?

Well I do that too. But there is something magical about preparing the cacao yourself before you work with it. It’s like I get to bring my intention INTO the finished product.

So.. I know you want my recipe for making this Ceremonial Chocolate.. because it’s magic.

And because I love you.. I’m also gonna give you the link to Firefly..

Click here to get your own Ceremonial Cacao!
(And use code ‘themindsetwitch to get 5% off <3 )



  • 2oz of Firefly Ceremonial Cacao (about 40 disks)

  • 2 tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil

  • 1 tablespoon of Local Honey (or sweetener of choice)

  • Spice to taste*

  • 1/4 teaspoon large grain sea salt (plus extra for sprinkling)

* In the recipe I say spice to taste, I use cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and ginger, and I allow my intuition to guide me, and honestly have no idea how much I put in.

***Also.. If you are using store bought cacao or cocoa powder you will need to include significantly more coconut oil or even better use Cacao Butter.. (and then these would not be ceremonial chocolates.. because of the initial processing)


  1. Place Cacao, Coconut oil, Spices, Honey and Salt in a double-boiler, or a heat safe bowl over a boiling pot.

  2. Stir with spatula or whisk until fully incorporated

  3. As you stir the mixture feel into an intention that you want to infuse your ceremonial cacao with. As you stir, visualize that intention filling the dark cacao.

  4. When Cacao, oil and spices are fully melted together, carefully remove from heat.

  5. On a lined baking sheet (that fits in the freezer), pour the entire mixture as evenly as possible.

  6. After allowing the Cacao to cool for 2-3 minutes, sprinkle salt crystals on to the top of the Cacao.

  7. Slide gently into the freezer (as flat as possible) and allow to freeze for 10-15 minutes.

  8. Break into small pieces and enjoy before a ritual, taking a moment to honor the intention you set when you crafted the Chocolate, and any other intentions that come through in the moment.

  9. Store in the freezer or fridge in an airtight container.

FYI - This does not make Sweet chocolate.. I suggest tasting the melted cacao to see if you need more sweetener.. Less is more I believe

I hope you enjoy! Let me know how it goes :)


Morning Ritual Magic


As the days grow shorter, and colder here in the Northern Hemisphere. I am called to move a bit more slowly and to give myself permission to create more sacred space, wherever I can.

The last few weeks, my morning ritual has become my anchor and has given me the creative space I've needed to get some big magic out into the world.

After really rooting into a new practice, I felt compelled to share about it with my community and give my people some resources on why it's important to anchor your days with rituals that fill you up, if you want more magic in your life. 

So I talked about it in my FB group..

I did a training on it in the Mindset Alchemy Coven..

And now I am writing to here to share what I've uncovered, and reclaimed in the process of crafting my perfect morning ritual. 

Below are a few steps that I recommend for ANYONE trying to get their day started right:

Step 1 - Don't RUSH out of Bed
Give yourself time before you move vertical to check in with your body. Check in with your body and your mind. Are you feeling rested?

Step 2 - If You Are Able, Get Up and Slowly Start Moving 
If you can, shrug your shoulders, maybe do a forward hang with some gentle swings or twists. Allow yourself to move through the stiffness.

Step 3 - Drink Water
It's really the most important thing in life. The more water you drink the better your body systems work. You won't regret it, 

Step 4 - Engage your Intuition
Give yourself permission to trust your own instincts and your capacity for making the right choices. Play with oracle cards, crystals, or runes first thing in the morning.

Step 5 - Reflect on Gratitude and Send Blessings
There is always something to be grateful for and there is always someone you can send love and blessings to. Starting your day this way is absolute magic. 

If you incorporate these steps into your morning routine, I know that you will see a huge change with the way you engage with the magic that is all around you.

You will notice patterns and begin to understand your body's needs in a whole new way, and you may find that that your intuition is sharper than it's ever been. 

Morning routines and rituals act as a sort of reset or cleanse for the body and soul, and they open you up to channel messages from your guides if you choose to receive them. 

If you want more on Morning Rituals, you can click here for my #MindsetMondayLiveChat all about Why Morning Rituals Matter



The Pain We Carry


We all carry trauma in our physical bodies.

Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

It affects the way we show up, the way we relate to the world, and the way we interact with our community and with the collective.

The trauma you carry is not your fault, but addressing it is your responsibility.

Because no one else can heal your pain, but you.


How do we begin to heal from wounds that we can't see? How do we heal from pain that are so deeply embedded in our persona, that it seems IT IS a part of us?

The answer : Self-Awareness and Self-Compassion

By shifting your mind, coming back to your body, and focusing on where it hurts, you can actually transform the trauma and release yourself from the stronghold of the pain.

And you don't have to do any of this work alone.

Let's get together and heal your wounds, so that you can share your magic with the world!



Independence is a lie..


I just wanted to remind you that you are not alone on this journey.

You do not have to face the that giant mountain in front of you by yourself.

In the West, society has put a high value on independence and often shames the interdependent nature of the human species.

We are so obsessed with the idea of "Independence" that we wrote it into our constitution here in the US, and we push our children to be independent before they can tie their own shoes.

But I am here to tell you that it's all a lie.

That's right..

Independence is an illusion.

Every single organism on this planet relies on other organisms for survival, for growth, and for support.

And there is absolutely no shame in seeking and accepting assistance from your community.

In fact, when we come together in a unified mission, our magic and power is amplified, and we are able to achieve things that seemed impossible for the individual.

You have BIG MAGIC within you, I know it.

I also know that the world is waiting to hear what you have to say, waiting to see what you have to express, and waiting to heal from the medicine you carry.

Go on... Give yourself permission to ask for help.. and then get out there and make some BIG FUCKING MAGIC!!!



Mindset Time Machine


I'm sitting in my apartment this afternoon, thinking about my partner and I's trip to India next year. 

We went in 2014 and it changed our lives. 

And after we get married in 2019 we're off, but this time we're buying one way tickets, bringing our laptops with us, and making our dreams come true from one of the most wild places we've ever been. 

Why? Well I love India.. but that's a story for another post. 

Today I want to share this tool I use for manifesting my dreams, healing emotional wounds, and letting my creativity flow. 

I call it The Mindset Time Machine, and it's this idea that our mind can take us to any place in time or space that it can conceive of, while our body must remain in the here and now. 

How is this useful, and what does it have to do with my trip to India next year?

Well, being able to use my Mind as a time machine allows me to transport myself, though my thoughts, sensory memory, and feelings to a place that my body yearns to return to.  

I can close my eyes, and in an instant, I am transported to the Beaches of Goa, in another instant, I'm eating spicy curry on a rooftop in Jodhpur. 


And as I set here, allowing my mind to wander off to India, my body feels excitement and preparedness for all the divine work that will take place between now and that moment when we take our lives and businesses on the road. 

And that's a good thing, because I have a lot of plans (and planning) to do between now and then, and I want my body to be as on-board as my mind.

Our Minds are one of our most magical tools, and we can use them to call in the energy that we are manifesting, but we must be certain to also ground into our physical bodies. We must remember that they are the vehicle that allows us to navigate the physical world, and too much time spent in the minds leaves the body behind. 

And I didn't intend to rhythm there, but I did. 

Bottom line there is, our Minds are powerful tools, but the impact is greatest when we are also grounded in our bodies. 


So I invite you this weekend to play around to using your mind as a time machine to call in what you want. Maybe it's a sale on pine nuts at the grocery store, or a big check in the mail, whatever it is, allow your mind to transport you to the place and feeling of success and joy, before you allow your body to make the moves. 

Then give your body permission to stay in that magical feeling in the here and now. 

Let me know it this plays out, and what magic you are able to make with your creative Mindset Time Machine Powers! 

Happy Friday! 


Lauren Elizabeth 

Perceiving your Mess as your Medicine-Shifting into Possibility

What if I told you that your ability to see and perceive the world, including your problems and your blockages, was intimately linked to what your brain thought was the agreed upon truth by the majority of your peers?

What if I said that your reality is limited by the stories and beliefs that other people have told you your whole life?

What would you say to that?

I feel that some people would agree, while others might just think I am crazy.

But we know for a fact, that the brain is basing its perceptions on what it believes will happen, or rather.. your brain is guessing about the most likely possibility. (Want more info on this? Check out the TedTalk linked at the bottom of this post)


Today, I want to discuss how mindset, belief systems and the stories we allow ourselves to believe, contribute to many of the limitations we experience in this life. And how, just blindly following other’s belief’s, can be dangerous and lead us away from out truth.

First, let’s talk about Mindset.

I define Mindset as the state in which our mind operates. The dictionary says that a Mindset is a set of ‘established attitudes or beliefs held by a specific person.’

With this working definition, I would like to move forward and focus on what areas of our lives are contributing to our individual and collective mindsets.

Factors Contributing to Mindset:
-Upbringing and Ancestry
-Mental tape/narrative
-Work environments
-Race/Economic Status
-Access to Support

And the list goes on and on..

As you can see.. Your Mindset is a complicated concerto of your human experience, both internal and external, and much of it seems to be pretty hard to control, especially because as humans we don’t generally confirm the notion that we consciously choose the life we are living.

But what if we DID choose this life?

What if our Soul’s made the VERY conscious decision to choose this life, this struggle, and this discomfort?

Then What?


Well then it become clear that this mess.. all of the struggle that I have been through is just the experience I needed in order to share the medicine that lives within me.

If I shift my beliefs about the hardships in my life, to see them as opportunities for growth, increased awareness of the world, and experience that can now help others, then I have shifted from feeling like the victim, to feeling the possibilities.

Beliefs are largely responsible for the information that the Brain is using to make it’s predictions. If our beliefs about the world tell us that we are a victim, then our brain will continue to process that information.

If we can change our beliefs about the way the world is, we increase our capacity for what we can perceive. When we are capable of perceiving more of the world, we are able to see what once felt like a failure, as an opportunity. We can tune into our mess and make it our message, the medicine that we have for the world.

B&W - Steps.png

I know this is a bold proclamation..

That we choose our most difficult experiences so that we can learn and then teach and share and be a solution for others, because we’ve been there..

But it’s proven to be true for me and my clients time and time again.

And this wisdom puts the decision back in our hands. We can chose to see this mess as our message and the medicine that we have for the world.

I make the all of the above statements with caution.

While our mindsets are one of our most powerful tools, sometimes circumstances are so out of balance, that shifting the mindset alone isn’t enough, and the entire system has to change.

And this is where Aligned Action and Collective Community come into the picture, as vehicles for making ripples and shifts in the paradigm.

Part of what I want to do in my work with Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Healers and Change Makers is support them in creating a world that is better FOR ALL OF US.

As my Teacher and friend, Kelly Berhend says “Personal Healing for Collective Liberation”.

When we do the work for ourselves, with the intention to also make the world better, things begin to shift. And when we turn those intentions into aligned action for the collective the shift turns into a wave of transformation.

Let’s make this shift together!


The Mindset Witch

Moving towards More Magic!


✨What does it feel like to believe in your own limitlessness?

✨How does it feel to fully trust your intuitive powers to guide you?

✨What if the next level of your magic is just behind the next corner?

These are the questions that I kept waking up to. in the middle of the night.

I could barely remember the words at first, after a few nights of the same thing, I realized, it was one of my guides calling me to take a BIG leap.

🔮So I did it. 🔮

I invested in a Biz & Mindset Coach (Shout out Nannette) and spent most of summer focused refining what my message, offerings and platform would be moving forward.

And almost without knowing it I was preparing for some major shifts in my life and in my biz.

Now I know that who I want to help, and I am confident that I have to tools and space holding capacity to help them. And now I get to do more work with the Brand Witch herself Enid Nolasco

So there will be some big changes coming to my Website/Blog/Biz and you bet your magical booty that it will be fully aligned with my Soul’s Purpose and the needs of my fellow magic makers.

Keep an eye out for more Blog Posts.. More Empowerment Rituals.. More Inspiring content, and of course.. Prepare to engage with a more magical version of your mindset.

I’m here to help you take the LEAP!

The Mindset Witch