Morning Ritual Magic


As the days grow shorter, and colder here in the Northern Hemisphere. I am called to move a bit more slowly and to give myself permission to create more sacred space, wherever I can.

The last few weeks, my morning ritual has become my anchor and has given me the creative space I've needed to get some big magic out into the world.

After really rooting into a new practice, I felt compelled to share about it with my community and give my people some resources on why it's important to anchor your days with rituals that fill you up, if you want more magic in your life. 

So I talked about it in my FB group..

I did a training on it in the Mindset Alchemy Coven..

And now I am writing to here to share what I've uncovered, and reclaimed in the process of crafting my perfect morning ritual. 

Below are a few steps that I recommend for ANYONE trying to get their day started right:

Step 1 - Don't RUSH out of Bed
Give yourself time before you move vertical to check in with your body. Check in with your body and your mind. Are you feeling rested?

Step 2 - If You Are Able, Get Up and Slowly Start Moving 
If you can, shrug your shoulders, maybe do a forward hang with some gentle swings or twists. Allow yourself to move through the stiffness.

Step 3 - Drink Water
It's really the most important thing in life. The more water you drink the better your body systems work. You won't regret it, 

Step 4 - Engage your Intuition
Give yourself permission to trust your own instincts and your capacity for making the right choices. Play with oracle cards, crystals, or runes first thing in the morning.

Step 5 - Reflect on Gratitude and Send Blessings
There is always something to be grateful for and there is always someone you can send love and blessings to. Starting your day this way is absolute magic. 

If you incorporate these steps into your morning routine, I know that you will see a huge change with the way you engage with the magic that is all around you.

You will notice patterns and begin to understand your body's needs in a whole new way, and you may find that that your intuition is sharper than it's ever been. 

Morning routines and rituals act as a sort of reset or cleanse for the body and soul, and they open you up to channel messages from your guides if you choose to receive them. 

If you want more on Morning Rituals, you can click here for my #MindsetMondayLiveChat all about Why Morning Rituals Matter