Womb Tree Alchemy: Reborn from the Ashes

Some of you may have noticed the change.

The change of name, and the evolution of the overarching themes of my posts and offerings. This change is a reflection of the growth that I have experienced over the last 18 moons and the "re-branding" comes as a manifestation of my own transformation. 


The change in name from "Womb Tree Wellness" to "Womb Tree Alchemy" refocuses on what my work is truly about. It all comes down to TRANSFORMATION, the act of midwifing the self through each and every stage of life. Some stages last just minutes, others last months or even years. Womb Tree Alchemy is a support system, a point of education, and catalyst for exponential personal growth. 


Since I was a very small child I have been developing a toolkit to help myself deal with the constant change and evolution that is ever present in this life.  The last five years specifically have been focused on discovering what it means for me to be intimately connected to my own transformative fire, and how I can deepen my relationship with my feminine cycle and my womb.

I am ready to share this wisdom with you.

With this name change, I am declaring my dedication to aiding women in periods of transformation, throughout their lives. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, for the whole world to see, I will continue to evolve skills and offerings as an alchemist, a healer and a facilitator for personal transformation in others, as my gift to my community. 

I am a growing-changing being, and this world is ready for the gifts I have to offer. 

I am so honored to be continuing on this transformative journey for myself and for all the women that I get to work with. Womb Tree Alchemy is growing into something bigger than the little blog that I started with, two years ago, and I am so excited to see where we go together.  

With each sunrise, I am born fresh
A new being with memories of an old life.

And like the moon I am a shape shifter.