heal your body, mind and the collective through the power of elemental alchemy

remember the power within you and the magic around you


Right now, the Western world is remembering the power of plant medicine. But for over 70 years, Big Pharma and Governmental Agencies have prevented us from easily accessing plants to heal our physical bodies and emotional states.

Entire communities have been forced to leave behind their natural medicine roots, and adopt an allopathic way for treating DIS-ease.

We have been collectively stripped of our connection with the magic of the natural world, in exchange for a tiny bit of security and a lot of pills - not what any of our ancestors would have wanted.

Removing plant medicine from our homes took away our power to heal ourselves and our communities.

And you and I both know it’s bullshit.

Modern medical protocols can be lifesaving, but they can also cause extreme damage to your systems.

You deserve a better solution.


  • Feeling empowered to create your life from a space of deep reverence for the world around you

  • Having the freedom to use plant medicine to support you on your soul’s mission

  • Connecting deeply with the elements so you can call on them any time to amplify your magic

  • Feeling confident to express your message in a way that serves your growth, and the growth of your community

It takes dedication and commitment to bring this energy into your daily life, and practice.  

If you have been feeling called to step into your power, into relationship with plant medicine, and into your role as a leader and a change maker in your community, then...

It’s time to reclaim your sovereignty


What does Sovereignty look like?

  • Choosing how you express yourself, and feeling safe in that expression

  • Feeling empowered to fully express all of your emotions

  • Exercising your right to access and use plant medicine to explore your own beautiful nature and heal the parts of you that are ready to heal

The problem is, most people don’t understand this power.  

They go through life, taking “doctors orders”, wishing they felt better, unaware of the plethora of natural tools around them that can transform their relationship to self, and to others.

over the past 10 years, I have been exploring the disconnect between people and the natural world in depth.  I’ve been pondering questions like...

  • Why does my culture condemn working closely with natural healing modalities?

  • How did we end up so disconnected from our roots?

  • And what can I do to support a more powerful connection between the natural world, and the people?

With lots of experimentation, I realized that there was two key problems with Western modalities of healing.

The ideas of individualism and independence.

There is a pervasive belief that we are all separate beings, made up seperate parts, and that we are only responsible for ourselves.  

You are taught to divert your attention away from the collective consciousness and from your human family. You have been conditioned and bribed into forgetting your elemental connection to the world around you..

And it’s all a distraction from the truth.

understanding the concept of Elemental Alchemy is necessary
in reclaiming your sovereignty


What is elemental alchemy?

Elemental Alchemy is the process of anchoring and activating the 5 elemental energies within your body, mind and soul.  

You probably know them well.  They are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit.

They all exist within you, and it takes conscious effort to awaken and balance them, to catalyze your growth process.

Why is this important?

Because you have a purpose. Your Soul came here on a mission. and your people are waiting for you to unleash your magic.


my name is Lauren elizabeth

-I am a soulful empowerment mentor, a mindset witch and a plant MEDICINE EDUCATOR-
And it is my pleasure to introduce to you..

the Elemental Medicine & Ritual Mentorship

This mentorship is a 12 week 1:1 experience to support you in awakening the elemental energy that is within you

We will be working with the 5 elements to embrace the healing energy associated with each.  


Tap into your flow and you will remember how to:

  • Move your emotions through your body in a healthy way

  • Flow through life’s discomfort with less resistance

  • Give yourself permission to express your full range of emotions

  • Plant Allies - Tantric Rose Cacao, Bergamot, Clary Sage

  • Crystal Allies - Amethyst


Breathe new life into the way you communicate and learn to:

  • Abundantly share your gifts with your community

  • Trust that your words will convey your unique message

  • Listen to others with more compassion and understanding

  • Plant Allies - Belizian Cacao, Peppermint and Rosemary

  • Crystal Allies - Quartz Sphere


Establish your root system and uncover:

  • How your ancestral stories affect your personal cycles

  • How race, gender, and trauma impact your ability be authentic

  • How to honor the land you live on and the land you come from

  • Plant allies - Medicinal Mushroom Cacao, Vetiver, Cedarwood

  • Crystal allies - Carnelian


Ignite the flame of transformation and inspire you to:

  • Speak your truth when it boils up from within

  • Clear out the stagnant energy and habits that no longer serve

  • Allow your feelings to move you to action

  • Plant Allies - Mayan Spice Cacao, Ginger, Pink Pepper

  • Crystal Allies - Kunzite



Awaken to your soul’s true purpose and begin to build a:

  • Plan for making an impact with your message

  • Practice that nurture your body and feed your soul

  • Community that supports and believes in your vision

  • Plant Allies - Maca Cacao, Frankincense

  • Crystal Allies - Labradorite


For each element there will be an Anchoring Ceremony and an Activation Ceremony


These ceremonies will introduce you to the energy of the element and will uncover the potent healing powers available to you through a centered connection to elemental magic. This is where you will remember and reclaim your elemental roots.


These ceremonies will support you in bringing elemental medicine into your daily practice, and using their energies to embody the full spectrum of magic that your soul came here to share. This is where you will awaken to the power that is already alive within you.

Each Ceremony will be followed by an integration session where we will discuss anything that needs to be expressed, feelings or emotions that surfaced in between our sessions, and to support you in building a foundation for expressing your message with the world.

working with the plants as your guides

the wise teachers who have been here for us all along


During the Elemental Medicine Mentorship, we’ll be honoring our plant allies by integrating them into the weekly rituals and ceremonies. I have sourced the highest quality plant magic that I can find, and they will be delivered right to your mailbox.  

We’ll be using essential oils and cacao as our main allies on this particular journey.  You will learn….

  • How to safely incorporate them into your daily life and personal rituals

  • How using plant medicine in your ritual practice will help keep you energized and focused

  • How to use these tools as a catalyst to help you create the life you want for yourself

Why Cacao and Essential Oils?

Cacao has been a part of my personal practice for over 3 years now. And learning to commune with this plant activated my heart in a whole new way. I feel more connected to people, to the earth, and more in tune with the work that my soul is here to do.

More recently I fell in love with the power of essential oils, these powerful substances are distilled from plants that grow all over the world. Sourcing the highest quality oils, and using them with respect and reverence has given me tools to care for my body, honor my emotions, and breakthrough mental blockages.

These tools helped me see the power that I had, but they also showed me that I am not alone in holding this power.

you are an agent of radical change  

And even though you are a FREAKING Power House
You do not have to do all the work on your own

The plants have so much to give, and the ancient wisdom they offer is what the world needs right now!

This might be why western cultures are finally waking up to the power of these medicines. The plants teach you how to come together with your community, and honor your interdependent nature.  This mentorship will guide you in the use these natural tools to support yourself and and your community, in a respectful and culturally sensitive way.  

I have packed this mentorship with everything you need to move confidently in the direction that your soul is calling you. It is my intention that once our 10 weeks together are done, you will have a deep understanding of how to activate your personal version of magic so that you can share it with the world.

So what is included in the mentorship exactly?

For 6 payments of $311 or a single payment of $1667, you get access too:

  • An Intention Setting Ceremony to begin our work together in alignment with your desires

  • Five 1:1 Anchoring Ceremonies to help you connect with the elemental energy

  • Five 1:1 Activation Ceremonies to prepare you for real world magic

  • A Closing Ceremony to ensure that you feel prepared to embody everything we have uncovered

  • Plus Unlimited Messenger or Voxer support throughout

You will also receive the Elemental Empowerment Bundle which includes:

  • 9 Different Essential Oil Rollers to support you work with the elements

  • 5 different kinds of cacao to open your heart as we do this work

  • And a box sound energized crystals that correlate with each element

After the 12 week mentorship is complete..

  • A deeper connection to your innate elemental magic

  • Powerful tools for healing and inspiring yourself and your community

  • Confidence to craft and facilitate your own rituals

  • An understanding of how to use plant’s as allies on your journey to embody your soul’s purpose

  • A clear path and vision for how you are going to make your impact

And this is just the beginning of the magic that will unfold once you have
anchored into the Elemental Energy, and activated the Medicine that is within you

This mentorship is valued at over $1750, but I am committed to making my mentorships as accessible as possible for the folks who are ready to commit to their personal empowerment. That is why I am offering the mentorship significantly below market price, and why I offer a payment plan.


Hey Lauren, couldn’t I just….

  • Buy the essential oils and cacao on my own?

  • Learn more about the elements on a blog or on Youtube?

Sure, and if that is the route you want to take, I fully support you, because this mentorship is only for folks who are ready to go DEEP.

This program will look at how elemental magic and plant medicine can support YOU and your personal mission to make an impact. And speaking from personal experience, there are no videos, or “how-tos” on the internet that can replace a potent 1:1 container.

If you want to immerse yourself in the power of plant medicine and elemental magic, then this mentorship will support you in that mission.

this mentorship is for you if..

You are ready to invest in yourself and engage with your healing magic from an empowered, and grounded space.

You are committed to expanding your healer toolkit with some of the highest quality plant tools available to us.

You are ready to give yourself every opportunity to seek knowledge and to transform your relationship to elemental medicine.

If you said yes to any of these questions.. Here’s what to do next.

Go ahead and click the button below that says “apply now”.  You will be taken to a secure Google Form and asked a series of questions related to the mentorship.  Don’t worry, it’s brief.

After you apply, I will review your application personally, and if you are a good fit for the first round of this mentorship, I will reach out directly and we will begin the process of getting you registered.

**NOTE - You will NOT be charged for the Mentorship until you have been through the application process and selected for the offering

Oh and one more thing...

This 12 week mentorship is a catalyst for deep healing and massive expansion. It will bring about shifts in your life and personal practice, that empower you to embody your soul’s purpose. If you are serious about upleveling the way you approach personal and collective healing, apply right now.

Did I mention there’s a bonus?

After you are accepted into the Elemental Alchemy Mentorship, you’ll get 12 weeks of free access to the Mindset Alchemy Coven - my private group coaching community.

In the MAC, you’ll be exposed to:

  • Radical Mindset Work that will help you strip away limiting beliefs and replace them with powerful ones.

  • Continued work with plant medicine:  Think of it as extra credit as we continue to do this work together

  • Crafting authentic rituals that you can use every day to support your personal growth

  • A powerful container of supportive people who are on a similar journey.

  • Discounts on all 1:1 work with me to give you exclusive and discounted access to my offerings.

If you decide it’s right for you after the complementary 12 weeks, I’ll give you a discounted membership rate for life.


Still have questions? Click here and send a message over with your questions, and I will respond as soon as possible.