I'm really busy  -  what is the time commitment for the course?

The course is five weeks long, and each week there will be a 2 hour LIVE video call, plus approximately 1 hour of reflective soul work per week.   I am also offering a 1 hour one on one session to help integrate the wisdom and memories that come up for you during the course. The total time requirement is about 16 hours spread out over five weeks. If you can't make it to a LIVE session, not to worry, the entire course will be recorded and can be done at your own pace. 

what if i don't have a menstrual cycle ?

Even if you don't experience monthly bleeding, there is still a sacred cycle that your body and spirit moves through. The Moon Cycle Mastery Course is designed to help you align with your own cycle, which is naturally present within you. Womb Tree Alchemy supports the transformation of those who chose to identify with what calls to them.

money is an issue for me - what is the cost of the course, do you offer a payment plan and are there scholarships?

For the August Cycle of the MCMC I will be offering 1 Scholarship and a payment plan for those who need a bit more flexibility with the investment. 

i have no established practice with the moon or my personal cycles - can I still take the course?

Yes! The Moon Cycle Mastery Course was created to facilitate the exploration of the lunar cycles, to begin a connection, or to cultivate a deeper one. Whether you are deeply aware of the Moon and her constant shifting, or if you are feeling called to dive in for the first time, the Moon Cycle Mastery Course offers reflections and wisdom that will strengthen your connection to the powerful creative cycle within. 

I want more Moon cycle magic - do you offer other programs or can we work together one on one?

Absolutely!  As a student of the Moon Cycle Mastery Course, you will receive 15% off on all one on one sessions booked with me for 6 months.  We will dive even further together into the specifics and needs of your personal cycle. All participants in the MCMC will receive a code for their discount with their completed payment. 

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If you still have any questions about the course, please email me directly at lauren@wombtreealchemy.com and I will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.