the time has come to rise from the ashes and heal the world


You know the stories.

The ones about an evil witch, cursing her neighbors and boiling children.

This is the story that the Patriarchy has spun for us. For centuries, people with extraordinary wisdom were persecuted, tortured and killed for sharing their magic with the people, and relieving them of their struggle (and dependence on the system).

Herbalists, Midwives, Healers, Oracles, Wise Elders, and really anyone who didn’t fit in the status quo was cast out, beaten and worse for being who they were born to be. This systematic eradication of magical folk and wisdom carriers was the catalyst for what now shows up as the Witch Wound.

Witch Wound - (n) -

An energetic blockage that tends to keep one from standing in their full power, or speaking their truth. This can look like staying small, hiding from growth, lack of creativity, fear of being seen, and/or general discomfort with words like witch/magic/channel/Spirits etc.

Whether you have past life (or current life) experience of being silenced or punished for expressing magical skills, or if you have witnessed others being silenced for showing up authentically, you learn quick (and pass on to your children), that it is not safe to be authentic, wild, magic and free.


it’s time we re-tell the story of the witch



At the beginning of the Eclipse Season in July, I began to receive tons of messages from women who had suddenly began to remember the pain and suffering they had experienced in this life and in past lives.

They had stories of being silenced, burned and shunned from their communities. Many of them shared experiences of their parents threatening to lock them up for exploring and expressing their gifts. It’s no wonder why we see SO MANY women struggling with mental health, and a lack of passion and purpose.

So after hearing these stories, and doing some of my own work on my own wound, I made the decision to create a free resource to help women reflect, unpack and begin to heal from this blockage that is keeping them from sharing their Soul’s medicine with the world.


what began as a free immersion in a facebook group
has become a movement to empower women everywhere

I made the decision to pull the Immersion from my group and create a free email offering, so that people who aren’t of FB or in my group can get access to it. The Day 1 video has been watched over 525 times in my FB group alone, and over 50 women have shared their experiences within the sacred space of that group.

I wanted to create an immersive experience for people to begin to understand this energetic blockage, so that they can begin to deal with it and get on with their magical lives.

If you are interested in participating in the FREE 7 Day #HealTheWitch Immersion you can get all the details and join in on the potent, healing magic by entering your information in the form below.