Welcome Magic Maker

Are you ready to tap into an even more magical life?
Do you feel that the time has come for you to uplevel in your spiritual biz or healing practice?
Have you been looking for support in helping you move past roadblocks?

now is the time
to connect to your truth
and share your magic with the world

what if you’re the one you’ve been waiting for?


THERE ARE MANY threads already in place to
guide you home to YOUR MAGIC



Sometimes it means bubble baths. And sometimes it means working extra hours so you can take that vacation. You have to take the time to refill your golden well.   Your unique self-care routine is the first key to unlocking the potent magic within.


Sink into that magical moment when you and the Moon are aligned. Create sacred space, tap into your power, and make magic with the Moon  and the Divine Feminine by your side.


The Feminine is the Divine Creatrix, she is the artist and the muse. Allow her to express herself through your body. Dance, paint, sing, write - birth your truth in the form of divine creative expression.


I am Lauren Elizabeth, The Mindset Witch. I am a Magical Mindset and Intuitive Empowerment Coach and I work with Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Change Makers, Healers and Artists - On a mission to make a massive impact with their magic and their message. I have been Coaching for 3 years and moved to Full Time Magic Maker in the Summer of 2018.

If you are looking for a Mindset Witch to help you shift into your next level, I just might be that Witch. Click the button below to book a FREE Mindset Check In Session to see if my magic is what you and your Soul have been seeking to make your dreams and purpose a reality.

After every session with Lauren, I feel more deeply connected to myself, especially as a woman. Lauren brings insightful knowledge and a sense of comfort when hosting her circles that truly resonates with me.

- Ashley Morris, Photographer and Event Coordinator
I have sat in circle with Lauren many times at this point, and every time I walk away with something profound. She cares deeply about bringing women together to connect with and uplift each other, and her magic circles do a beautiful job at accomplishing just that. Lauren is a blessing to her local community and to the greater cause of reclaiming the feminine.

-Shelda Sulis, Massage Therapist

The Magical Mindset Collective Facebook group is ready for you. This private space is a container for you to explore what it feels like to be tapped into your most magical mindset. Click the button below to join the Collective.