are you ready to receive 1:1 support?

 this is a special offering just for the magical folks ready to make an impact


It lights me the fuck up to see magical folks doing what they want to do in this world.

That’s why I create heart - centered offerings that change lives!!!

AND I know that the anxiety around 3k+ investments kept me from stepping up and choosing my truth for a LOONNG time..

So I wanted to create a container for those of you who are ready to get support, and are ready to share your magic with with world, but feel like investing 4+ figures in a 1:1 coaching package isn’t the right move for you right now.

Let me tell you something I have learned

Awareness is Alchemy.

And having someone to reflect your beliefs, habits, and experiences back to you gives you access to a much deeper awareness of yourself, and thus creates an opportunity for massive transformation.

Mindset Catalyst Magic is for Change Makers who are looking for accountability, intuitive guidance and 1:1 support during a significant shift, transition or manifestation period.

Best part… It’s accessible AF.

I’m offering Unlimited support for just $222

yup. I said it. unlimited support.

I want you to feel fully held, seen, heard and supported as you take the leap into your next BIG level. You can vox me ANY TIME and I will respond to you ASAP with support, solutions and suggestions for shifting your perspective.

Want a break down of what is included in this magical package?

Your Investment $222 includes:

  • Full Access to the Mindset Alchemy Coven for 1 Month ($27.77/month value)

  • A 1:1 Mindset Catalyst Session Once a Month (75 minutes long - $155 value)

  • Personalized New Moon and Full Moon Intuitive Readings (valued @ $66 per reading)

  • Unlimited Voxer Support all month long (valued at $188/month)

That’s over $500 in value for just $222

after 11/30 the price goes up to $297


It’s my purpose in this lifetime to help people shift into deeper alignment with their magic and their mission, so that we can heal the collective.

And I want my support to be accessible to those who need it!

If you are ready for 1:1 guidance, and want to make an impact with your unique gifts, Mindset Catalyst Magic is waiting for you!

I can only hold space for for 6 Alchemists at a time within this sacred 1:1 container, so make sure you claim one of those spots for yourself today.

Click the button below to register, and I will reach out to book our Mindset Catalyst Call!


not quite ready? let’s set up a 1:1 chat to answer your questions

I offer three FREE 30 minute Clarity calls a week to those who are interested in my work but need a but of clarity on what that would feel like.