The moon is calling you sister

it's time to reclaim your natural rhythm


Come home to your own sacred cycle.  Remember your feminine power.  Rediscover your own unique magic. 


Hey Sister...

I want to talk about a problem that has become to big to ignore.

The world we live in has become completely stuck in a toxic masculine framework, that compulsively charges forward with no room for rest, recovery, or release. And here's the's really only serving the 1% who maintains the patriarchal system.

And the machine is doing everything in it's power to keep you suppressed.  

As a woman you are cyclic - and when you aren’t given the space to honor your cyclic nature - you end up running on reserves quite quickly

Operating from this place leaves you tired and disconnected from the beauty and magic around you. It becomes a struggle to truly feel grateful, and your energy always feels “off”.

Exhaustion and a lack of capacity to experience the true magnificence of the world around you are symptoms of disconnection from your purpose and your path.

The patriarchal system has lead to this deep disconnect between our bodies, our souls, and the earth. And it is perpetuated by societal demands placed on women about how they should look, feel, be and act.

These negative beliefs and thought patterns, and the general acceptance of a less than magical life, are LEARNED AND CONDITIONED behaviors. Through years of gas lighting and belittling feelings and intuitive knowings, women have been led to distrust their bodies, their intuition and their Soul’s messages.

But here is the good news…

This doesn't have to be your story. You can choose to reclaim your natural rhythm and embody the most authentic and Soul Centered version of yourself.

You CAN have a life in which you see the value in every single phase of the Moon and feel joy about each of the Seasons. You CAN cultivate a deep and appreciative relationship with your body and its natural rhythm, which allows you to love and honor yourself in a way you never have before. 

Connecting with your body and the world around you, in this way, will spark within you a curiosity for where else this great rhythm shows up in your life, and how you can use it to grow, expand, and nurture the magnificent woman that you came here to become. 

It is through a connection with the Moon and the Divine Feminine Archetypes that you can access the wisdom of your ancestors and guides. It is by noticing how the great cycle is all around you, that you discover how to use it to manifest your dreams.

It’s time to allow the Moon to guide you home because she will never lead you astray.

If you are ready to reclaim your power and the magic that you have always had

and you are looking for a community of women to support you,

Sister, I say to you.. Welcome Home


My name is Lauren, I am a Feminine Empowerment Coach, a catalyst for personal Ritual, and the Founder of Womb Tree Alchemy. 

For most of my life I have been asking myself BIG questions about my path, my purpose and my connection to the collective healing journey.

During high school and into college, I struggled with cultivating deep, healthy intimate relationships.   I felt stuck in my creative projects, and I battled with painful and disruptive menstrual cycles that got in the way of the life I wanted to live.

I was not in my power, I didn't even know what it meant to be an embodied woman, but I was ready to do the work to make magic in my life. 

I began tracking my personal cycles with the Moon when I was 21 and my whole world shifted. For the first time since starting my period when I was 11 years old, I understood the rhythm that my body moved through each month. For the first time, I felt EMPOWERED by my cycles. 

As  I moved deeper into this relationship with the Moon and my personal rhythm, three things became very clear.

  • Caring for myself is not a selfish act
  • It is my birth right to express my creative gifts
  • My power is strengthened when I participate in ritual

Within these lessons from the Moon, I discovered a three pillar framework, to guide me through my transformation. 

After years of immersing myself in the mysteries of the Moon, and connecting with these three pillars, Self-care, Creative Expression and Personal Ritual, I am now sharing the wisdom and tools that I have collected so that YOU can begin your embodied journey, back to your most sacred self. 

I crafted an offering just for you - a catalyst for a deep remembering and reclaiming of your feminine magic

The Moon Cycle Mastery Course (MCMC) is a five week LIVE course. It provides the foundation you need develop a magical relationship with the Moon and your personal cycles.

Each week, we will dive into the mystery of the Divine Feminine with the Moon as our guide.

Through Womb Tree Alchemy's three pillars of boundless magic; Self-Care, Creative Expression, and Personal Ritual, you will rediscover the ancient roots that connect you with the Moon and cultivate a deep understanding of your personal cycles.   

By the end of the Moon Cycle Mastery Course you will:

  • Feel confident using the phases of the moon to set intentions and manifest your deepest desires  
  • Be empowered by the ebb and flow of your natural cyclic rhythm, and learn to listen to your body and intuition
  • And remember the feminine magic that you have always had, and heal the world with your unique soul medicine
The Moon Cycle Mastery Course is such a wonderful opportunity to learn in a circle of powerful women. Lauren shares so much wisdom about the Moon and Her cycles and how they align with our own. She inspires a sense of community that allows members of the circle to feel comfortable being vulnerable and learning both from her and from one another other. 
-Melisa Mitchell

Here is a Sneak Peek of the
course content

- Five LIVE group Course Session, once a week, approximately two hours long

-Five Workbooks to guide your learning experience during the Course Sessions

-Two LIVE Moon Circles - One on the New Moon in September and one on the Full Moon

- Five supplemental Moon Cycle Mastery Course PDFs, delivered weekly via email

- One 60 minute 1-on-1 session with me to integrate everything that comes up during our 5 weeks together

- A free 6 month membership to the Lunar Alchemy Sister (A private network for support and inspiraton )

- The Moon Cycle Mastery Resource Guide (books, websites, and people who have inspired my journey)

-Discounts on all 1:1 work with Lauren for one lunar cycle

Week 1, The New Moon

Live Zoom Course Session -
Wednesday - 9/5 - 6-8 pm

Dip your toes into the realm of the Divine Feminine as she is reborn when the Moon begins her cyclic journey. Align with your truth, set your intentions and get your manifestation cycle in motion.

WEEK 2, the Waxing Moon

Live Zoom Course Session -
Wednesday - 9/12 - 6-8 pm

Discover the Virgin Goddess and connect with her youthful energy through the Waxing Moon. Dive into personal expansion, Self-care and sensuality as the Maiden learns how to set boundaries and express her own desires. This energy can help you check off your to-do list and do ALL the things.


WEEK 3, the Full Moon

Live Zoom Course Session
Wednesday - 9/19 - 6-8 pm

Explore the energy of the Creatrix and celebrate all that has come to fruition over the last lunar cycle. Express yourself and your wild creativity under the light of the Full Moon. This phase of the lunar cycle often gets painted as wild and unruly, but perhaps that is just the energy of the Creatrix begging to be set free.

WEEK 4, the Waning Moon

Live Zoom Course Session -
Wednesday - 9/26 - 6-8 pm

Slow down and release. The waning moon calls us to embody the wise Crone as she prepares for her final moments, she knows the end is near. Listen to her, and absorb her wisdom.  The waning moon gives us the space we need to release that which no longer serves. Sink into your own intuitive ritual. 


WEEK 5, the Dark Moon

Live Zoom Course Session -
Wednesday -10/3 - 6-8 pm

Just before the New Moon, there are two to three nights of darkness. The Moon takes pause. This is the time to reflect on the cycle and rest your sweet body.  The Triple Goddess is, for just a moment, quiet and restful, so that when the Moon begins to grow again, she can continue her journey through the stars.

plus this cycle I am offering a Bonus
new moon circle on Sunday 9/9 and a bonus Full moon Circle on sunday 9/23

Registration is open through September 4th
space is limited to 9 women
the course and all bonus content is $555
-payment plans available-

This course was a much-needed opportunity for me to carve out time for myself, to safely open myself up to community and to remember the power of the feminine collective. Lauren is providing a necessary service in our modern world--stepping forward to act as a guide between our wild roots and our deepest selves.
-Jessie Daher


By popular demand, I am offering a 1:1 package for this Cycle of the course. When the 5 week group course is finished you will receive five1:1 sessions instead of just one, plus unlimited Voxer support through out the entire program. (That's 10 weeks of on-going support from me!)

We will spend our 1:1 time together integrating everything from the course, addressing and breaking down limiting belief's, and breaking through the next level of magic that is waiting for you to step up and reclaim it!

**Don't know Voxer? It's an awesome Walkie Talkie App that allows you to have quick access to me if anything comes up for you between our calls. From the moment the course starts all the way until our 1:1 work together is finished, you can shoot me a question or concern and I can get back to you in full length answers. This is something that I usually only offer to my sacred container 1:1 coaching clients, but I want to make sure you have the ongoing support you need to integrate this wisdom.

As a part of this package, you will also get FREE access to the LIVE recording of my training "Working With Your Shadow: Honoring the Dark Moon and the Dark Goddess"

If you know that you are ready to take your life and your magic to the next level, and you are craving a powerful and safe container for exploring this new relationship to your cycle and your reclaimed feminine magic, then this 1:1 package is the perfect launching pad for your expansion towards your highest self! 

there are only 3 spaces available for the 1:1 coaching package
you receive access to the 7 group calls and 5 personal sessions
and all the bonus content for $1444
- payment plans available -

click below to claim one of these magical 1:1 coaching packages

During the course a few key parts of my purpose and path became apparent, and I now appreciate my once despised periods and follow my personal cycle. I am now able to utilize it to the fullest for healing, manifestation and clarity. This was my first investment towards my spiritual growth, and words can never express the value I was given in return. In our 1:1 work Lauren helped me cultivate my own sacred business, I gained irreplaceable soul sisters and an amazing mentor that I hold dearly.
-Gabbi Shafer
Gabbi 1.png


i have a pretty busy schedule - what is the time commitment?

There are 5 weekly course sessions that will last about 2 hours each. The course also includes a 60+ minute 1:1 Session with me to help you integrate what you have learned during the 5 week course.  This comes out to about 11 hours of live work total.  Any amount of time you invest in the course outside of the live calls, is completely up to you and will only benefit your growth.  All Live calls will be recorded for you to watch on your own time.

I'm worried about the investment. How do I know this course is worth my money?

Short Answer.... You can't know until you try.  But I would like to share with you that investing in your personal growth and healing is the kindest thing you can do for yourself, for your family and for your community. When we come into deeper alignment with our natural rhythm and embody our Soul's Purpose more authentically, the people around us benefit as well.  This course contains HOURS of content that WILL transform your relationship with the Moon and the Divine Feminine.  The $555 exchange allows me to focus the necessary time and energy to hold space for this group for the 5+ weeks that we will be working together, so that you can experience the highest level of service that I have to offer. 

I don't have a period... Can I still take this course?

Yes! Although I will be discussing the menstrual cycle and its connection with the Moon, there is SO MUCH MORE to what we will be diving into. I have had students in the past who were menopausal or on Birth Control, and they still received so much benefit. This course will give you a new perspective on the that are cycles all around you in your life, the moon one reflection of the Great Cycle. There are the seasons, and the days, and our life cycles.. and learning to observe these cycles will help you connect to that powerful cycle within yourself. 

so Why the Moon then?

The Moon is a powerful road map for understanding all of the cycles that we move through in our lives. Having a clear vision and connection to the Moon's flow will allow you to move through your own life with more ease and grace. Plus you can use her cycle to manifest your dreams, awaken your Soul's Purpose and make BIG magic in your life! I have found that the Moon's Cycle is the easiest to connect to because of its relatively short length and ability to be recognized globally. We are all looking up at the same Moon. 


Still have qustions? Feel free to shoot an email to and I will get back to you as soon as possible!