explore the phases of the moon

and connect with the magic of your own personal cycles


Are you ready to begin each cycle with  a true sense of purpose and direction?
Do you feel that it is time to get clear on the next steps towards your ideal life?
Are you ready to express your gifts and share your magic with the world?
Are you willing to let go of the parts of your life that are no longer serving your highest purpose?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to sign up for one of Womb Tree Alchemy's Moon Cycle Sessions.

 In these 75 minute, 1:1 sessions, I will guide you in using the cycle of the Moon to reclaim self-care, creative expression and personal ritual as a tools in your personal transformation. 

The Moon provides you with an archetypal road map for all of the cycles in your life.  

These sessions will guide you in connecting with the current phase so that you can move through challenges and obstacles, achieve big goals, and rest when the cycle calls for it. 

Womb Tree Alchemy's Moon Cycle Sessions are a safe space to explore what it means to be in your power, and to remember the creative and healing magic of the feminine. 

moon cycle eugene

Making Magic with the moon

During each session, we will use the current phase Moon as our guide to explore the inner workings of your personal cycle as a tool for empowering the feminine within. We will connect to the cyclic nature of the Moon through a series of rituals and activities.

These sessions are for you if you are ready to awaken your intuitive powers, embody your highest truth and find yourself within the magic of the Moon. 

 Each session lasts approximately 75 minutes and includes:

 - A grounding ritual
 - 50 minutes of intuitive discovery and channeled guidance
 - 15-20 minutes of integration and meditation
 - Email check-in in the days after the session
 - Ongoing support through the Womb Tree Alchemy Sisterhood FB Group

Each session is curated based on the needs of the individual and therefore timing and activities may vary as needed. 

Moon Cycle Sessions are offered online via Zoom, Facetime, over the phone, or in-person in the Eugene, Oregon area.  


Themes for New moon intentions sessions

  • Set intentions for the coming cycle
  • Plant the seeds for upcoming projects 
  • Choose an affirmation to support your intention
  • Get aligned with your purpose 
  • Connect to your roots

Themes for waxing moon Clarity sessions

  • Get super clear on your next big steps
  • Learn to feel yes's and no's in your body and explore your boundaries 
  • Give yourself permission to grow and change
  • Schedule yourself for success
  • Carve our space for self-care

themes full moon expression sessions

  • Examine your successes and any roadblocks upcoming roadblocks
  • Celebrate yourself, right where you are
  • Discover new ways of expressing your gifts 
  • Share big projects with the world and make an impact

Themes for waning Moon REflection Sessions 

  • Let go of people and practices that no longer serve
  • Make physical and mental space for abundace
  • Set yourself up for success for the next cycle
  • Connect with your shadow
  • Reclaim your right to observe and life's changes with ritual 

want to learn more?

If you are seeking a deeper connection to the Moon and the Divine Feminine, but aren't sure where to begin, I offer a FREE Mini Moon Discovery call. Book your 30 minute mini session to chat with me and see if the Moon Cycle Sessions are right for you.