Remember what it feels like to
live a magical life

give yourself permission to believe in your own ability
to make a massive impact in this world

The Mindset Witch was born out of the deep knowing that each of our Soul’s are Sovereign and have a serious mission here on Earth to heal, guide and hold space for one another as we learn the lessons of humanity, and that it is through deep personal healing, and accountability that we can make BIG leaps in liberation for the collective.

As a Magical Mindset and Empowerment Coach, it is my job to help to tap into your own limitlessness
by dismantling and limiting beliefs and limiting systems, for the betterment of the entire collective.

We are in this together. We are fighting for freedom together for a reason.
And I would be honored to support you on your mission to change the world.


Manifestation crystal magic

Who doesn’t love crystals and manifesting their dreams?

Well.. I do, and I figured you probably do too.

So I created a SUPER special offering that combines hand selected crystals and a powerful MANIFESTATION Mindset Session to prepare for 2019 with MAGIC.

Each one of these Crystal boxes comes with 6 Intuitively chosen, personally charged and programed crystals to support you as you begin to embody the most magical version of yourself for the
New Year!

These boxes make GREAT gifts for your favorite witches and other magical folks. Or you can grab one for yourself!

There are only 13 of these boxes available, so make sure to snag yours before they are gone.

The Crystal Box + Manifestation Session is available for just $111
(shipping included)


5 Week mystic moon cycle magic

A 5 week 1:1 program that explores your goals, intentions, blockages and upper limits throughout the cycle of the Moon

We will examine where in your life you are coming up against beliefs that are getting in the way of you achieving your goals, and we will forge new beliefs that serve you and the collective community.

This coaching package includes five 75 minute coaching sessions, unlimited additional support through voxer and 5 PDF eBooks that guide you in connecting further with the Moon.

During our 5 weeks together you will learn how to use the Moon to keep you on track with your manifestation and healing goals.

AND how to identify and dismantle your limiting beliefs, channel your highest truth and build confidence to share your unique medicine…

This package is available through 11/30 for just $666

Click below to book a FREE Check In to see if this package is for you.

I only hold space for 2 clients in this container per moon cycle.

One Month mindset Catalyst Magic

This package is for the magic makers who are looking for a SERIOUSLY magical month.

This package includes a 75 minute session, New and Full Moon Readings plus unlimited voxer support and access to the Mindset Alchem Coven for the entire month!

If you are moving through a BIG transition, or you are looking to take your work, magic and impact to the next level, this is a month long coaching catalyst that will get you aligned for your next big move.

Receive BIG clarity on your path and your purpose as we prepare to move into 2019!

Through 11/30 you can get it all for just $222

I only hold space for 5 magic makers at a time in this container.


the mindset alchemy coven

The Mindset Witch is also the Head Witch and facilitator in the Mindset Alchemy Coven.

This is a private community for people who are ready to do the work it takes to sharpen their mindset, so they can make an impact in their community and in world.

This community is Membership based and you can get access to TONS of content for just $27.77 a month.

Weekly Mindset Trainings, Oracle Readings, Group Coaching Calls, Monthly Thought Leader interviews and Intention Setting circles.

Want more information on the Mindset Alchemy Coven?

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