it's time to step into your power

the world needs your magic as we shift the paradigm


It’s time Sister.

The shift has begun, and we are the ones who will guide our communities as we move into this new paradigm. You are being called to stand in your power, to share your gifts, and speak your truth. This is the way of the rising woman. And by rising, we give others permission to do the same.

You’re Rising.. I’m Rising.. She’s Rising… And together we are changing the world


we are creating a magical circle of feminine leaders

we are rising, rooted in our power

welcome to the shift sister...

My name is Lauren, I am a Feminine Empowerment Coach, a catalyst for Personal Ritual, and the Founder of Womb Tree Alchemy. 

For most of my life I have been asking myself  questions about my path, my purpose and my connection to the collective healing journey.  I knew at a very young age that I was meant for something bigger than the average 9-5. I knew that I wanted to make an impact on the world, but it's taken me almost 28 years to understand what that impact would be.

In the last 12 months it has become incredibly clear that I am here to serve women in their unique journeys of rising into their power. I work with the Moon and Feminine Archetypes to provide a road map for deep transformation and personal empowerment.

It brings me so much joy and fulfillment to see women speaking their truth, sharing their gifts, and expressing themselves as the powerful feminine leaders that they were born to embody. Guiding women through big transformations, celebrating their achievements and holding space as they integrate hard lessons is my passion, because it allows me to move more deeply into my own healing journey, and it reminds me that none of us are alone in this work. 

As an Entrepreneur in the Personal Development and Healing space, I am learning how much work it takes to stay in alignment with my intentions, goals and personal boundaries, while living everything that I teach. 

In living this truth, I have discovered there are three essential "understandings" that we must embody in order to step fully into our power as Leaders, Healers, and Change Makers.

  • Caring for myself is not a selfish act

  • It is my birth right to express my creative gifts

  • My power is strengthened when I participate in ritual

The energy of the Feminine has been urging me to hold space for an intimate circle of Women and to share the value of gathering in Sisterhood, participating in Ritual, and reconnecting with our true path and purpose.

So I listened. And created a potent offering for women leaders, healers and change makers to come together, share ideas, hold space, root into ritual and create BIG MAGIC!

I am so excited to introduce my latest offering to you

She’s Rising is a 3 week transformational container for women who are ready to rise in their communities as leaders, healers and change makers

It is an initiation into a sacred sisterhood of women rising, rooted in their power, ready for BIG magic!

Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to discover potent tools for helping women connect with their truth and purpose on a deep and meaningful level.

The first tool is a strong connection to the ebb and flow of the cycles that are all around you. The Feminine is always shifting and in honoring that cycle within yourself, you will come more deeply into alignment with your personal truth and power. 

The second tool is a nurturing web of support that understands your story and challenges you to overcome obstacles. Sisterhood has become a buzz word in the feminine healing community, but it is so for good reason. There is magic in a gathering of women, and that magic has the power to change the world. 

I have already mentioned there are certain "understandings" that a women rising must be clear on, and those "understandings" can be boiled down to the three pillars of my work at Womb Tree Alchemy: Self-care, Creative Expression and Personal Ritual. The third tool is cultivating practices that support these facets of your life. 

Although there are many keys that will unlock the power stored within your sacred soul, during our 3 weeks together we will be exploring how we can heal our own wounds and show up more authentically with the tools mentioned above and with the help of a sacred plant known as Theobroma Cacao.


connect with your ritual and express your magic in the world

Cacao is a sacred plant ally, a superfood, and magical feminine spirit that has called me to bring her to YOU. To open your heart, to guide you in reclaiming your path and to facilitate space for a global Sisterhood of women leaders rising in their power.

She has been instrumental in my journey with self-love and acceptance, Empowerment, and for the last year I have been working with her as a guide in my art, offerings and business. 

In late May she began asking me to bring her into my work with clients, and so I started incorporating her into my 1:1 programs.  But she has asked me to step up further, and bring her medicine to the women leaders who are ready for deep healing and the form a powerful on-going Sisterhood of healers.

But it all begins with a potent 3 week circle. "She's Rising," she whispered as I sipped on her bitter sweet brew.

By the end of the 3 Week Initiation you will have gained:

  • A deeper understanding of your own feminine magic and how that applies to your work in the world
  • A framework for understanding and navigating the natural cycles in your life
  • Lifelong connections with other women who are also ready to step more fully into their power
  • More skills for working with your shadow as well as with your light
  • A solid foundation upon which to build your personal rituals
 Lauren inspires a sense of community that allows members of the circle to feel comfortable being vulnerable and learning both from her and from one another other. 
-Melisa Mitchell

FROM the SHE's RISING Experience

- Three LIVE group Circles, once a week, approximately two hours long (including 2 Cacao Circles)

- Cacao Kit from Firefly Chocolate for our circles and for your heart expansion

-Open Your Heart With Cacao : Preparation and Recipe Guide from my teacher and friend Sena Maria

- The She's Rising eBook which includes channeled wisdom, tips for transformation and ritual guidance

- One 60 minute 1:1 session with Lauren to ask any big questions and integrate new insight

- Lifetime access to the She's Rising Circle and The Lunar Alchemy Sisterhood for on-going support and community

- The MAGIC MAKER'S Resource Guide (books, websites, and people who have inspired my journey)

- Email, messenger and voice message access to me during the 3 week initiation process

Week 1
Setting the Container

Live Zoom Circle -
Wednesday- 7/18  6-8 pm PST

In our first Circle, we will take some time to lay the foundation for the work we are doing together.

We are here for a reason, Sister, and that reason matters not just for you and me, but for the whole world.  

In this circle we will introduce ourselves and our passions. And set in motion the magic we will make with our time together. 


sitting in sacred circle

Live Zoom Circle-
Wednesday -7/25 - 6-8 pm PST

Our second week will be our first communal circle including Cacao.  This circle will introduce (or perhaps reacquaint) you with the power of Cacao in a circle of women. 

Through Sisterhood, stories, and  intentional silence we will uncover the keys to stepping into our Full Feminine Power!


building something bigger

Live Zoom Circle-
Wednesday - 8/1 - 6-8:30 pm PST

The third circle is our final spiral through the initiation into the She's Rising Sisterhood. This is a space for us to reflect on what has opened up for us.  We will also take time to acknowledge what is no longer serving so it can fall away. 

In this circle, we will share our visions of the changing paradigm and call in the abundance, strength, and divine inspiration to keep living our purpose and truth.

Together we are creating a super potent container for lifting women up as they step into their power

Once we have moved through the three week initiation, the real magic just continues to grow. The Lunar Alchemy Sisterhood will be the home of our community, and we can continue to grow and explore this journey together. 

The Lunar Alchemy Sisterhood will be an ongoing resource for you as you rise

I created the Lunar Alchemy Sisterhood to more deeply support the women I work with. This is a private network for my clients to go super deep in a safe community. As my facebook group began to grow and expand ( to over 555 women), I decided to make a special network just for the women who are READY to make big transformations in their lives and who are ready to STEP UP into their Full Feminine Potential.

The Lunar Alchemy Sisterhood contains exclusive content, provides another container for support, and cultivates a global sisterhood dedicated to to making an impact in their own lives and in the lives of others. Memebership to the Lunar Alchemy Sisterhood includes access to Monthly Moon Circles, the Magic Maker's Resource Guide, a ton of juicy content about the Moon and the Divine Feminine and lifetime connections with other women from around the world who are READY to make magic!

Lauren is providing a necessary service in our modern world--stepping forward to act as a guide between our wild roots and our deepest selves.
-Jessie Daher

for the first cycle only

she's rising is available for 2 payments of $198 or 1 payment of $369

registration is open through july 10th - spaces are limited

Frequently asked questions

What is cacao? Is it legal? is it safe?

Cacao is the main ingredient in Chocolate. Or at least it should be. These days, many chocolate bars are made mostly of sugar and other preservatives, but in this circle we will be working with the highest quality, ceremonial grade Cacao that I have experienced. Cacao is a plant medicine and has been used in Central and South America for over 3500 years. We will be sourcing our Cacao from Firefly Cacao. They get their beans from small, sustainable family farms in Belize, Ecuador and Tanzania. It is completely legal, and safe for most people to use on a regular basis.  **If you have any heart conditions, message me, and reach out to your doctor for advice.**

I'm really busy  -  what is the time commitment for this program?

This this Sisterhood begins with a 3 week program, to get you grounded in a personal practice that will serve your growth as a feminine leader.  Each of the 3 weeks includes a  2 hour LIVE group call and there will be guidance for diving more deeply into the topics we discuss. Plus there is a 1 hour Integration session at the end of the 3 weeks, 1:1 with Lauren. The total hours of content equals about 7 hours plus the time you invest on your own in digesting the material and putting what you learn into practice.

i am not a business owner, can i still join the program?

Yes! She's Rising is about supporting women who are ready to step up into their roles as leaders, healers and change makers. If you identify with those characteristics, or you aspire too, this circle will be a powerful place for you to rediscover your Full Feminine Power!

What is the Lunar Alchemy Sisterhood?

The Lunar Alchemy Sisterhood is a private network for women who are ready to step up and make BIG MAGIC in their lives. There is a private circle within this community, where I will host all the digital content for She's Rising. And there is a space where you can connect with women from other programs that I have offered to share wisdom and reflect on your journey. There are a ton of resources within this network and I am adding more every month. Currently, The Lunar Alchemy Sisterhood is only for women who have taken programs or courses with me but later this summer it will open up as a subscription based membership community.  As a founding Sister of the She's Rising Circle, you will get lifetime access to The Lunar Alchemy Sisterhood. 



for this first cycle only

She's Rising is available for 2 payments of $198 or 1 payment of $369

registration is open through july 10th - spaces are limited


If you still have any questions about the course, please email me directly at and I will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.