You ARE RememberING Sister

and you are not alone 



You remember the magic that you had, the service that you offered and the healing you provided. You also remember the shame, the fear, the persecution and perhaps even the torturous death that you faced for showing up as a sovereign, wise, powerful woman.

Sister This is your Witch Wound

This is the blockage that is keeping you from tapping into that full feminine potential, and preventing you from sharing your soul’s medicine with the world.

But that doesn't have to be your story.  

You are still that sovereign, wise, powerful woman, but Sister, the burning days are over, and you get to write the story of this life.

You can feel it in your bones. 

You have been feeling called to something bigger, you know that you were born to make a BIG IMPACT, but something has been blocking you from stepping fully into your POWER as the magic making Feminine Force that you are.

You are ready to TRANSMUTE the TRAUMA from this life and past lives to make BIG MAGIC and ALCHEMIZE the Witch Wound into the fuel that feeds your Soul, and empowers you to share your healing medicine with the world.

As we remember, it is our duty to reclaim our magic, and use that power to re-establish the balance of the divine energies here on earth.


You are REMEMBERING the magic that is within you

And you know what?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Women all over the world are waking up to their power. We are all remembering the magic we’ve had all along.

My name is Lauren, I am an Intuitive Healer, a Feminine Empowerment Coach and a Catalyst for Personal Ritual. I have been working with women to help them access their Full Feminine Power for almost 5 years now, and I am so honored to be holding space for you as you discover what it means to embody your most magical, sovereign self. 

During my recent #HealTheWitch Immersion in my FB group I saw so many women coming forward to share deep stories, and within each of those stories was a bit of medicine for everyone who reads them.

This is why I am offering a group session dedicated to raising awareness of the magic that exists within the threads of our past-lives.

On 8/8/18, The Lions Gate Portal - as we head into the Dark Moon  
I am hosting The Coven Session
a group circle to Transmute the Collective Witch Wound


I am offering this Coven Session because it has become VERY CLEAR since the New Moon Eclipse in July that Women all over the world are ready to transmute the trauma from their past-lives as persecuted witches, and embody the FULL FEMININE POTENTIAL that they possess.

In this 2+ hour group session, we will explore the depth of the Witch Wound, and make space for healing and integrating the trauma and the power that exists within these imprints.

The cost of the Session is $111 and includes: 

  • The 2+ hour LIVE call feat. Past Life Specialist Kat Michaels
  • Tools for cultivating your own magical practice
  • practical action steps for turning fear and pain into PURE MAGICAL POWER
  • a PDF guide for Healing your Witch Wound
  • 3 Months of FREE access to the Lunar Alchemy Sisterhood. (My private network for empowering magical women)

My friend and fellow Intuitive Healer Kat Michaels will also be joining us to discuss past lives and past-life karma as they relate to soul lessons and life purpose for this lifetime. Kat will provide tools for integrating our deeper awareness of past-life memories, gifts, and experiences. She will also share ideas for transformation and transmutation of any harmful conditioning or fears that we've brought forward into this lifetime.

Kat Michaels is a psychic, angelic healer, Reiki master, and multidimensional medium who views and channels past lives and past-life karma in her practice. Kat specializes in the transmutation and clearing of harmful energy and conditioning from both past and present lives, using her own combination of modalities and techniques to do so.

Kat can be found at or on Facebook or Instagram as @katmichaels333.

when we heal ourselves - we heal the world

This work is powerful and has ability to heal on an individual level, but when we come together in Circle to honor our collective healing, it becomes even more potent.

This Coven Session will help you

  • integrate past life memories and trauma

  • Connect with the power that you have always had within you

  • Feel more confident sharing your magic and soul medicine with the world

  • Embody the Witch in whatever capacity feels right for you

If you are ready to transmute the pain and trauma of your Witch Wound and reclaim the power of that has been within you all along,
click the button below to claim your spot in The Coven Session.


questions about the coven session

WITch? Aren't witches old and evil?

Not inherently so.  The meaning of the word witch has been twisted over time. It brings up images of mean old women, with crooked noses and a cauldron, and while some Witches do resemble this archetype, we are talking about a different kind of Witch. We are reclaim 'Witch' as a word used to describe an empowered woman who IS NOT afraid to show up as the magical, powerful, sovereign being that she was born to be. 

I don't know if i have past lives as a witch - Can I still attend this session?

YES! Many of us carry the Witch Wound, even if we weren't persecuted as a Witch in past lives. It keeps us small and prevents us from tapping into our Full Potential. Women ALL OVER THE WORLD need this healing work so they can step into their roles as leaders, healers, and change makers

what time will the session take place?

The LIVE session will take place on 8/8/2018 @ 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST through Zoom, a video conference app that will allow you to interact, ask questions and join in on the conversation as we heal this collective blockage. The session should last about 2 hours and there will be time for sharing some of your own story. It will also be recorded and sent out to all of the women who signed up for reference, or to watch at a later date if you can't make the session live. 

Do you have any 1:1 offerings to heal the Witch Wound?

YES! I am currently offering Witch Wound Intensive Sessions and I also have space available in my 13 week Heal The Witch Coaching program for women who are ready to DIVE DEEP into the massive healing that is waiting to unfold.  Any woman who signs up to work with me 1:1 between now and August 8th will receive this training for FREE.  If you are interested in working with me 1:1 reach out to me personally and we can set up a discovery call to see which program will serve you best. 


you are ready to heal sister

your inner witch is ready to make magic


If you still have any questions about the offering, please email me directly at and I will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.