give yourself permission to invest in your magic

connect with fellow alchemists and turn your life into gold


There is a well of medicine within you, that has the power to shift the energy, and the whole world.

You have a message that is ready to be expressed, but something is holding you back from standing out as your true self.

There are TWO THINGS that I see again angin with clients who feel like there is “something” in their way..

First.. there is often a toxic belief or mindset pathway that is preventing progress.

Second.. a lack of community. No support means no safety net, no one to turn to when things feel like they are turning sour,

But guess what?

There is a Coven of Magic Makers who are dedicated to expanding their capacity, challenging their limits and connecting with their power, to make a massive impact in the world.

And the circle is ready for you.

The Mindset Alchemy Coven is a private container for Witches, Healers, Artists and Creators who are committed to shifting their Mindset into a state of limitless Magic.

Get access to weekly Mindset Trainings, Group Coaching Calls, Embodiment Practices, monthly Thought Leader Interviews and SO MUCH MORE.

invest in your own vision & embody the magic maker that you were born to be

The Mindset Alchemy Coven


Tap into your divine purpose and move past upper limits

We are in the middle of a MASSIVE paradigm shift, and it will be up to the magic makers, the alchemists and the medicine carriers to guide the collective as we transition into the NOW AGE, and to provide the foundation for a future that empowers every single one of us.

Are you ready to take the leap into your own magic?

Have you been feeling called to step into the role of leader within your community?

Is your soul yearning to develop a connection with truth and purpose?

If so, The Mindset Alchemy Coven is the
sacred space that you have been seeking

The Mindset Alchemy Coven is a subscription based, membership community for Magic Makers, Witches and Spiritualists on a Mission to make this world a better place for EVERYONE. Your Membership to the Mindset Alchemy Coven includes weekly trainings, group coaching calls, monthly Thought Leader interviews, and SO MUCH MORE!

Want more info?

below is a breakdown of everything that is included in the membership


in addition to a powerful community of magic makers to support you and help you grow…
your membership to the Mindset alchemy coven includes:

-Weekly Magical Mindset Trainings

-Weekly Intuitive Readings for the Collective

-Embodiment Practices (Rituals, Meditations, etc.)

-Group Coaching Calls (aka Office Hours)

-Monthly Immersions and Personal Development Action Items

-Monthly Thought Leader Interviews to inspire your magic

-Monthly Intention Setting Circle

-Tons of extra content curated for your growth and expansion

-PLUS exclusive access to Coven pricing on 1:1 coaching and online products


get access to all of this magic for just $27.77 a month

because your message and your medicine is too important to not have a coven supporting you


Frequently asked Questions

i’m already in your FB group- what’s different about the mindset alchemy coven?

I’m so happy you are a part of my Facebook community! That group is what inspired the Mindset Alchemy Coven, the MAC for short. The MAC is a personal development space specifically dedicated to supporting your growth and shifting your Mindset into a state of unlimited possibilities. Unlike my free facebook community, the MAC will have scheduled Trainings, group coaching calls, Intention Setting Ceremonies and WAAAYY more curated content than my free community has access to.

why are you charging for content when you could just give it all away for free?

Short story, a Witch has gotta make a living, this content is POWERFUL, and investing in yourself leads to magic. Long version… if you’ve gone into the Woods to ask your local Witch for a favor, a spell, or guidance in your life, you know that she asks for some kind of payment, either gold, or drink, or some other form of abundance to balance the energetic exchange. Your investment in her magic is an investment in your own power. Investment in your power is the key to reclaiming the magic maker within you!

what is a magical mindset and why do I need to be tapped into mine?

A Magical Mindset is a state of operation, in which you are tapped into your own unlimited potential, and you can see the unlimited possibilities that lay before you. A Magical Mindset is what allows you to create the life you have been dreaming of, and the impact you have been craving to make. When you connect to the Magic within you, and unlock the chains that have been limiting your Mind.. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

what if I want to cancel my membership?

You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time and there is no cancellation fee. Your membership to the community will be terminated 30 days from your most recent payment.

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plus unlimited group support for just $27.77 a month