CALLED UPON BY divine soul purpose

and the magic of the moon


Womb Tree Alchemy is a catalyst for personal empowerment within the female-identifying community. Through online mastery courses, group workshops, intimate moon circles, and one-on-one coaching, Womb Tree Alchemy awakens ancient rituals to see the rebirth of a modern-day magical Sisterhood.

It is by channeling the power of lunar and feminine cycles that Womb Tree Alchemy connects she who is seeking direction with the potent magic within herself. A ritual-based personal development program at its core, Womb Tree Alchemy is rooted in three pillars of boundless magic: self-care, personal ritual, and creative expression.

These are the keys to unlocking the cyclical feminine power we all possess.

Founder Lauren Roberts is a ritual facilitator, a feminine empowerment coach,  and an eternal student of Moon Magic, Feminine Mysteries. She is motivated by her soul’s purpose to provide a strong foundation for any woman looking to cultivate a deeper relationship with her personal cycle as a path towards personal transformation.


Lessons from my journey

We all have a Womb Tree


Each of us has access to the ancestral wisdom that lives within the bark and branches of this sacred Spirit Guide. She will grow and change as you move through your cycle, and she carries wisdom that will transform the way you relate to your femininity and your personal power.

My Womb Tree changed everything. I had been diving deep, trying to identify the formula for “Pain-Free Periods” and somewhere along my journey I stumbled upon Red Moon by Miranda Gray, and within the pages of that book I rediscovered my Womb Tree.

She had been waiting for me to join her. She was lush and full of fruit, and she had much to tell me.

This was a turning point in my relationship with the Moon, my Womb, and my Femininity. I felt as if I had unlocked a memoir that I had written, but forgotten. That memoir became the blueprint for my own transformation.

My menstrual cycles became more regular, less painful, and began to sync with the Moon. I also found that I was able to connect to my sexuality and sensuality on a deeper level, and with that came more creativity and self expression.  

I am dedicated to helping you connect to your own Womb Wisdom so you too can cultivate the power that comes with meeting your Womb Tree.