it’s time to remember that you are magic


Intention Ceremony Session - $122

If you are truly dedicated to your happiness, fulfillment, and soul expression, you must make a commitment to Intentional living.

In this one hour session, we will drop into a ceremonial space and get clear on the kind of life you want to live.

Once we have clarity on WHAT you want, we will dive into the HOW.

Together, we will craft a plan that will guide you in bringing your vision into reality. And we will set powerful intentions that will be an anchor for the work ahead.

By the end of this Session you will feel empowered and prepared to live the life that you have been dreaming about.

This Package Includes a 60 minute session and two weeks of ongoing support via messenger or email

Sovereignty Sessions - $150-250/Month*

Truth Bomb: Independence is an illusion.

All too often, I see Magic Makers struggling to manage their personal growth all by themselves. But here is the thing.. we are not meant to make our dreams come true all on our own.

This is why monthly Sovereignty Sessions are so damn magical— They are a sacred space for you to get the support you need to reclaim your sovereignty.

Every month we will meet for a 75+ minute session that is completely customized to inspire and empower you, as you move in the direction of your truth and your impact.

Imagine waking up with confidence and clarity about your soul’s purpose. Imagine feeling empowered to embody your authentic self. And imagine having the ongoing support you need to step up as the Magic Maker you were born to be!

*Choose once or twice monthly sessions so you can stay connected, grounded and feel fully supported in your unique work.

in addition to your monthly sessions, you will get access to the Mindset Alchemy Coven, my private group coaching community and ongoing support via messenger or email




Ceremonial Empowerment - 8 weeks -
$1111 or 4 payments of $311

This 8 week empowerment package is focused on revitalizing the ceremonial roots that live in your body.

Each week, we will meet to explore how you can integrate the most authentic and radiant expression of ceremony and ritual in your life.

At the end of our 8 weeks together, you will feel confident crafting your own ceremonies, and you will have the tools you need to hold ceremonial space for others that is both Justice informed and Trauma informed.

This offering is ideal for you, if you have been craving more sacred moments in your life.

I created Ceremonial Empowerment to support you in crafting more authentic ceremonies and rituals so you can feel connected and clear in your personal practice and in your community.

in addition to 8 ceremonies, you will also receive 5 different kinds of ceremonial cacao, a hand crafted essential oil blend & access to the Mindset alchemy coven, my private group coaching community. Plus you will get 8 weeks of unlimited messenger/email support to help you through anything that arises between sessions.


Elemental Medicine and Ritual Mentorship 12 weeks - $1667 or 6 payments of $311

The Elemental Medicine and Ritual Mentorship is a 12 week immersive container where you will anchor into and activate the energy of the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit, within your body and soul.

You will learn how to bring the power of Elemental Medicine into your personal ceremonies, and you will receive tools to hold sacred space for others.

We will explore your roots, create space for expressing your deepest emotions, open up to the power of transformation, learn to speak your truth, and embody your Soul’s true purpose.

This offering is intended for individuals who are looking to connect with their own authentic rituals, through the power of the 5 elements and who are ready to share their magic with the world.

this mentorship includes an intentions setting ceremony, 10 Elemental medicine ceremonies, and a closing ceremony. You will also receive the Elemental Medicine bundle which includes 5 different kinds of ceremonial cacao, 9 different essential oils and 5 crystals to support our work together. Plus a ton of other bonuses.